Are you fond of playing new rhythms on guitar?

When it comes to guitar, various models in the music world comes with different zones, prices and playing levels. The freshers no doubt would go for the cheap guitars, yet, they can be quite effective and qualitative for giving you the desired music. If you are also looking for some cheap guitar, the Acoustic Guitar would be an ideal choice for you.

Here are the 5 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars you can select from for a mesmerizing experience.

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars of 2018

5. Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar

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An amazing instrument by Fender, the Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar is among the listed guitars highly in demand. The guitar gives tremendous sound experience with attractive GigBag offers for their valuable customers. With a rich sound, the guitar is given padding of Gig Bag that is helpful for the protection of the guitar which is also easy for its transportation.

Some of the attractive features of the guitar from Fender include body binding design, spruce top, X-bracing body, sonorous sound, headstock shape, 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, forward strap button, rosewood bridge combined with saddle, and much more. The guitar is given durable material which allows it with long-lasting benefits, and the strings to are given similar combination with easy tuning system. With a robust side and back cover, the guitar is given utmost protection from damages while travelling with it. With an appealing and laminated neck of Agathis, the guitar has won several hearts.


  • Superior quality material for preparing the base of the guitar.
  • Superb music quality.
  • Robust quality bag for carrying out the guitar.


  • There is no pucker available with the acoustic guitar.
  • Difficult for the beginners to learn without any professional guidance.

4. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

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Looking for a guitar made out of Mahogany? Epiphone Dr-100 is what you need for enjoying your fingers on the musical instrument. The look and the sound it brings along has enchanted not only the freshers but the professionals also. The acoustic guitar comes with a robust Spruce top that scales up to 25.5. Again, the fingerboard made up with Rosewood, and the strong bridge adds to the amazing features of the acoustic guitar. The guitar also comes with a strong and durable cover and guitar belt.

No doubt, the guitar is made in China, which is a popular destination to get acoustic guitars with Truss Rod too. The Mahogany inner, back, and outer layer describe the condition of the guitar. The guitar is also given soft foam padding, with high-quality material and is also laminated with Spruce wooden top that not only provides with protection but also helps with the melodious sound quality of the guitar.


  • An ideal acoustic guitar to begin your learning lessons.
  • Perfect musical strings to gauge the glossy impact of the sound played on the guitar.
  • Durable and robust body made with Mahogany sides and back.


  • Playing the guitar requires frequent adjustments in tuning.
  • As the guitar needs tuning now and then, it gives out changes in the tone of music to worst when played.

3. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

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With engaging looks, this acoustic guitar is a combination of various bold musical notes which is ideal for easy and smooth playing. The guitar is given features like a Spruce top with X Bracing, Agathis on both back and sides, fingerboard and bridge made from Rosewood, slim neck design, synthetic cut on the saddle and bone nut, and finishing of satin. The guitar is also given strings made out of Phosphor Bronze Gauge in light with Chrome Hardware. Along with the guitar, the purchasers also get a tight and stitched cover that helps in the protection of the guitar.

The material of the acoustic guitar is given tough combinations and material which makes it comfortable for the user and smooth for playing. The guitar is given attractive and to the touch finishing that increases its resonance to it. The guitar comes with an affordable price even though it comes with a spruce top modified with Agathis sides and body. The colour combination of the guitar and the shades add to its attractive look.


  • The slim neck of the guitar is given a scale of 25-1/2 inch that makes it more comfortable to use.
  • With nut and synthetic bone, the guitar provides required melodious sound.
  • With black bridge plastic pins, playing the guitar becomes more easy and smooth.


  • Requires frets adjustments even after working on the nut, bridge, and the neck.
  • Flimsy construction of the guitar affects the sound it generates.
  • Costly compared to other guitars with the same features.

2. Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar

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In search of a budgeted acoustic guitar? The Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic guitar Jampack is what would suit your requirements. The guitar comes with every single piece one needs for starting with learning the guitar. With natural and spruce up finishing, the guitar comes with a fantastic tone and shape which makes it best to have. The feature list of the guitar includes a spruce top, mahogany neck, Agathis sides and back, Gig bag, fretboard and bridge made from rosewood, saddle and nut made from Ivorex, guitar strap, electronic tuner, and much more.

The guitar is given an attractive design which is given a strong body that makes the guitar more appealing to have. The guitar package also comes with extra accessories like an electronic tuner, guitar strap, gig bag and other required accessories that make it easy for the individuals to maintain and store the guitar with necessary protection. The guitar is also provided with strings made up of steel that are adjustable as per the zone of music required while playing.


  • The guitar provides with consistent performance.
  • The strings and the wooden quality help in getting the rich sound.
  • The adjustable strings help the guitar in remaining in tune.


  • The tuner is much cheaper.
  • The tuners are ferrule which comes with the press in usage.
  • The tuner battery comes with less life.

1. Gretsch G9500 Acoustic Guitar

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Are you passionate about the guitar music related to that of the 30s, 40s, or 50s and looking for an acoustic guitar similar to that? The top model by Jim Dandy, Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top is an ideal choice for your desired music. First, in every guitar lover’s list, this guitar comes with a parlour style embodied body model which is composed of wood. The guitar comes with rough and tough specifications which helps with the artistic design of the body, neck, truss rods, tools, hardware, and other accessories too which add to the positive points of having this guitar.

Coming to the features of the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy guitar, the list includes a body of parlour size Agathis, X-bracing, white rosette and purfling which are screened, comfortable neck with C-shape, bridge of rosewood, truss rod with double action feature, tuning machines with open back, etc. The guitar is given a flat top neck which adds to its characteristics of playing melodious music with a vintage vibe. Crafted from wood, the guitar is also given adjustable strings with warm braces to make the usage of the guitar smoother and more enjoyable.


  • A good start for the beginners of the guitar.
  • Rich sound due to the wooden outer body.
  • Consistent which makes it durable and smooth to use.


  • The finishing of the guitar is not up to the mark.
  • Costly compared to other guitars with similar specifications.
  • Sonically with midrange considering heaviness.

Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s Guide:

Selecting an appropriate acoustic guitar can surely be a confusing task for the guitar lovers, especially, when going for the first time. It comes with a feel that includes a mixture of confusion and excitement. Getting a favourable one from hundreds of available choices would surely demand some attention, decision-making skills, and some basic knowledge about the guitar for making the right investment. Again, the selection also depends on whether you are going to use the guitar professionally, at home, etc. which would help in narrowing down the choices after considering the hardware, range of wood used, designs, etc.

So, thinking how can you get an acoustic guitar that would meet your musical notes, budget, and skills? Here are some purchasing tips that would make your shopping easy.

Check out the tonewoods:

The tonewoods are said to be the sonic signatures of getting the right acoustic guitar. The tonewoods also depend on the kind of sound you are willing to play with your guitar. Looking from the top to the sides and at the back, along with the neck plays a vital role here for getting detailed tonality. Some other things to consider for tonewoods is the bridge, bracing, fretboard, etc. which also enhances the effects of the totals in the guitar. Some woods you can select from according to your music choice include spruce, cedar, mahogany and rosewood.

What’s your level of skill?

Are you a beginner or a professional? If you are just a beginner with the acoustic guitar, a cost-effective instrument is an ideal one for you. During such a situation, various advanced techniques give you a wide range to select from with range from low to medium range. Again, if you are already a professional, you are inevitably going to know which tonewoods you would go with, the sound effect of the soundboard, its effects, etc. Hence, you would be able to make out the difference in selecting the guitar with ease.

Where would you use the guitar?

Thinking about how would this be important to select the guitar? The beginner’s guitar cannot be used on professional grounds; similarly, the professional guitars cannot be given to the learners. So, ask yourself where you would be using the guitar while purchasing. Will you play it in any band, practice at home, public events, etc? The performers generally look for hybrid guitars, while the band players look for electronic guitars. Hence, in this way, you should also know the place and purpose of using the guitar to get the right one for your money.

Sound and style:

While looking at an acoustic guitar, they would look similar. However, there is always some fundamental difference between the construction and designs of the guitars. Moreover, the design it is constructed with also counts the sound with it. For this, you need to look over the small characteristics of the guitar like the body styles, tops, neck length and width, nylon or steel strings, tonewood, etc. that help in understanding the guitar. This is undoubtedly going to help you in knowing the variables and remembering the sound when the guitar is played.

Resonance and comfort:

Looking at the style of the guitar, there are various issues with the body and its style. The guitar you select should also be able to provide you with the sound you are willing to listen. However, similarly, it should also be comfortable while you play it. Again, for resonance and comfort of playing with the guitar, you need to focus on the shapes of the guitar like a grand concert, concert, dreadnought, auditorium, jumbo, mini-acoustics, travel, etc.

Nylon strings or steel strings?

Are you asked to use the nylon strings if you are a beginner? This myth has been moving in the music world for However, the fact is that the beginners can go for both the string types while playing the guitar. This entirely depends on the music tone you are looking for while selecting the strings. The nylon strings are mostly used for folk and classical music while the steel strings are a perfect combination for country music, pop music and rock for a louder impact. So, not your level but the kind of music is to be considered while looking for guitar and strings.


So, are you ready to enter the music world? Find the perfect acoustic guitar for yourself within a budget for yourself taking help from the above-mentioned tips and suggestions. Prepare your budget, know your requirements and get your favourable guitar to begin your musical journey.