Are you a blues, rock ‘n’ roll, or a beginner looking for an acoustic guitar?

You’ve probably searched for one to quench your thirst, but none has seemed to do so. Perhaps you’ve heard about Washburn acoustic guitars and still not sure if it is the right one. Worry not as you’re on the right path of getting an acoustic guitar immediately you start placing your thoughts on a Washburn acoustic guitar. We know you are a busy person, that’s we’ve come up with a list of three best Washburn acoustic guitars for you.

Best Washburn Acoustic Guitars of 2019

2. Washburn WD7S Harvest Series

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Its dreadnought body shape gives you a wide selection of tones. Solid Sitka spruce top used on its body makes the guitar to deliver sound with excellent projection. The sides and back are made from mahogany topped with a pleasant gloss finish. The mahogany neck hosts a rosewood fingerboard with a bone nut and 20 frets on the scale length of 25.6 inches. On the technical aspect of its beauty, it ensures the tuning machines are on the headstock as well as the other end, where you get the rosewood bridge system.

The sound quality of the WD7S speaks for itself and maintains that being what it is – a dreadnought acoustic guitar. The sounds from this guitar are big and loud. Despite its loud nature, the WD7S ensures the integrity of your sound remains intact. Also, it gives you sharp and bright tones that clearly convey the player’s original playing intention. If you opt to fingerpick, the guitar unleashes different sound of soft and mellow tunes.


  • Excellent neck construction for exceptional comfort
  • Good sound projection
  • Pure acoustic guitar

  • Very loud

1. Washburn HD30SCE Heritage

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The HD30SCE is a dreadnought acoustic guitar that features a cutaway for upper fret access. On its top, you’ll get a solid Sitka spruce coupled with cathedral peaked scalloped-x bracing. Mahogany material is used to design its neck and rosewood on the fingerboard and bridge. The tuners are made from gold die-cast to allow for easy, fast, and accurate tuning.

Additionally, you’ll get a Washburn tortoise pickguard together with a custom rosette. On its back and side wood, the HD20SCE features figured Quilt Ash. The combination of ash and spruce is uncommon for acoustic tonewood, but it gives it a beautiful look.

The system of the HD20SCE features an in-built Fishman Presys+ Preamp/Tuner. It is a good combination as you don’t have to carry an additional tuner to have compelling sound or tune. The Preamp system comes with bass, treble, and volume controls for an amplified acoustic tone, and a phase switch that handles feedback issues.


  • Produces natural amplified acoustic tone
  • No need to carry around the extra tuner
  • Quick, easy, and accurate tuning

  • Relies upon the size and shape for sound projection

Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s Guide:

In the ’80s Washburn acoustic guitars were everywhere. They were the go guitar for hard rock and metal music genres. Their prominence continues to go on as they still feature some beautiful guitars in the market. For that reason, Washburn acoustic guitars still got you covered whether you are a metal or jazz player not forgetting beginners.

Playing of music is bigger than ever today. Most people around the world go out of their way just to get entertained by good music. Others buy these top instruments while others travel abroad just to get entertained. This has led to a surge in guitar sales with acoustical guitars being at the top of everyone’s list.

Washburn acoustic guitar being a producer of acoustic guitars keep on unleashing new guitars. With all these Washburn acoustic guitars available in the market, it seems impossible to pick one that fits you. Below is a guide that will help you make the right choice when buying a Washburn acoustic guitar.

  • Comfortable and easy to play

If you like the sound of the guitar, but you can’t play it, then that’s not the right guitar for you. A key point to consider is the position of the bottom groove that should fit comfortably on your right thigh. Moreover, when you sit upright, you should be able to strum the strings at right angles to the neck. Nonetheless, there are other subtle things to consider as well;


Action in guitars refers to the distance between the strings and fretboard. Washburn acoustic guitars have different length scales; therefore, try and buy one that has excellent playability – does it feel right in your hands?

2.Body size

The dreadnought guitars produced by Washburn acoustic guitars are big. So, if you are going to play alone while sitting down, the big size can be nice for you. But if you are part of a band, then a slim one can be ideal for you.


Here the main thing to consider is the ease of reaching the top strings with your fretting hand. Remember to check this because Washburn acoustic guitars vary in length. Also, put into consideration the size of your hands and fingers.

4.Nut Width

The nut width is a measure of the width of the nut. A small width is easy for players with short fingers to play. On the other hand, a wide nut offers more space between each string, thus easy for players with big fingers to play.

  • Play the guitar in the music store before purchasing

If you are a beginner or new to Washburn acoustic guitars, then before buying one, play it in that music store. Don’t be shy about it. Playing the guitar will also show you how deep the sounds get projected. Additionally, you will be able to know the responsiveness of the chords at different points. It is a good thing to do considering the different tunes and sounds produced by Washburn acoustic guitars.

  • Woods

From mahogany to solid wood, to laminate, the type of wood determines the quality of sound projected. Washburn acoustic guitars come in different types of woods as well as a combination of different woods. To pick the right one, let’s analyze the effect of each type of wood.

1.Solid wood

The more the solid wood, the better resonance and tone of the Washburn acoustic guitar. For instance, Solid Sitka spruce featured on some of the top guitars because it resonates better as it ages. On the downside, this type of wood has a premium cost and are prone to damage especially in changing weather and humidity.

2.Laminate wood

It is affordable as most acoustic guitars using this type of wood are cheap. They are also resistant to damage and more sturdy. On the flip side, the lack the sustain and resonance of solid wood.


In addition to solid wood and laminate, there is tonewood. It’s an ideal choice considering the effect it has on the projection of sound. Typical examples include spruce and mahogany featured on some of the Washburn acoustic guitars. Spruce is popular because of its bright and punchy tone. On the other hand, mahogany is preferred because of its warm tone and not forgetting the emphasis it has on the low mid frequencies.

  • Scale length

Different Washburn acoustic guitars have different scale lengths. The scale length tells us the distance the strings have to be stretched from the nut to the bridge. A short scale length implies soft string tension; therefore, making the instrument easy to play. A long scale length allows for more string tension and frets space which translates to more sustain. If you are a beginner, a Washburn acoustic guitar with a short scale length is right for you.

  • Price

Lastly, the money you are willing to spend on a Washburn acoustic guitar determines the model you will purchase. Remember, the cost is based on the features you’ll get on that guitar. Therefore, if you are looking for high-end features, be ready to spend some extra cash.


As a guitarist, there is a likelihood of you owning more than one acoustic guitar. You may settle to one brand that you only play or consider experimenting with many. But one thing remains true; adding a Washburn acoustic guitar to your arsenal comes with special excitement because of the high-quality models they offer. Searching for that perfect sound from all the beautiful Washburn acoustic guitars is part of the lifelong journey, but with this guide and the list of the three Washburn acoustic guitars, it will be an easy task to accomplish.