Are you looking for a classical guitar that gives you that flamenco feeling?

Then perhaps its time for you to consider the Cordoba C5. It is a classical guitar and a whole type of beast compared to the regular acoustic guitar. With entirely different dynamics, the Cordoba C5 indeed requires finesse to master. It’s sometimes referred to as a Spanish guitar as it never fails to remind you of those romantic Spanish soap operas and movies and also due to its origin which is Cordoba city in Spain.


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Product overview

The Cordoba C5 is one classical guitar that remains faithful to the legacy of classical guitars. First of all, being a classical guitar, it uses nylon strings rather than the conventional steel strings. With this, it gives the guitar a mellow tone and a whole new, different sound altogether. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Kenny Hill and Edmund Blochinger are some of the designers of this classical guitar. So, what do you get with these great guitarists and artists on your side?

  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Solid Canadian cedar tops
  • Includes a gig bag
  • Lightweight and Full-size classical guitar
  • 52 mm nut width
  • A rosewood fingerboard
  • All-wood inlaid rosette
  • Hand-carved headstock
  • Fan bracing system
  • Two-way truss road
  • Nylon strings from Savarez Corum

Some of the pros and cons you get from this description include;


  • Comes with a deluxe gig bag that protects the guitar from damage
  • No hard tension on strings
  • Excellent sound

  • Does not prefer the old finger picking over the usual strumming

Key features and benefits

It’s with no doubt that classical guitars are amazing to look at. And the Cordoba C5 is no exception. From the appearance, the Cordoba C5 reminds you of those legendary artists who used only one guitar to create more soulful music than several bands combined. That’s just on the general appearance; kindly, read on and get to know what makes the Cordoba C5 an exception among other classical guitars.

  • Hardware

For the hardware, Cordoba C5 picked the rosewood configuration. Nonetheless, it features a solid bridge to get the job done on the hardware as well as add something little to the tone. The solid cedar top makes the guitar to a more pleasing and clear acoustic sound than the laminate wood used on beginner’s classical guitars. The lightweight two-way truss rod offers an excellent opportunity for adjusting the amount of relief in the neck of the guitar. It is an ideal feature for beginners.

  • Body and neck

One feature that makes the C5 to hit the nail on the head is their tonewood taste and build quality. Despite being priced as an entry-level model, you get excellent build quality that matches the expensive guitars. The solid top is designed from Canadian cedar which combines crafted laminate mahogany both on the back and sides.

The mahogany material does not end on the body alone as it continues up to the neck. Additionally, it features a bracing pattern that provides a surface area for the soundboard to vibrate. It, therefore, makes the soundboard responsive which in turn makes the guitar to produce an excellent tone.

The headstock of the Cordoba C5 is handcrafted and comes with quality tuners that won’t slip as much as other classical guitars. The saddle and bone nut are fitted nicely with the nylon strings held nice and tight by the bridge. With this, it makes the guitar feel comfortable to hold as well as solid.

  • Sound

Cordoba C5 remains to be competitive when it comes to delivering quality sound. From the build of the guitar, you can tell that it promises to produce loud and rich tones and the Cordoba C5 kept this promise. The nylon strings on the guitar are from Savarez Corum, a decent brand which ensures the strings amplify the sound more than the steel acoustics can do.

By just playing a chord or two, you can hear the C5 work on delivering a warm tone. Furthermore, the pickup is decent and produces a sufficient output. The Cordoba C5 strikes an excellent balance between the treble and bass by ensuring the treble is optimum while the bass sustains for a long time. The sound is ideal for both indoor and outdoor playing; therefore, giving you the confidence of playing the guitar wherever you go.

How does it compare?

It is pretty hard not to love guitar music. Several classical guitars produce different sounds; from flamenco to Bach. If the Cordoba C5 does not give you that classic tune you are looking for, then try one of these options.

1. Yamaha C40

It is one classical guitar that serves as an excellent option for players who want to study classical guitars and don’t want to spend much. It’s is a full-size guitar that features a nato wood neck, melamine gloss finish, and spruce top with the sides and back made from mahogany. Additionally, it is an ideal guitar for beginners.

2. Kremona Artist Series – Sofia model

If you are looking for a lighter classical guitar than the other classical guitars, then perhaps the Kremona is an ideal choice for you as it weighs 8-lb. Founded in Bulgaria, Kremona features a solid African Sapele side and back and a cedar top. A fan of steel-strings and finding it hard to try classical guitar? Then the Kremona Sofia model is perfect for you as it features Royal classic sonata strings.

3. Jose Ramirez R1CWE

It is an ideal guitar for beginners passionate about playing classical guitars. It comes with a cutaway design that features African mahogany back and sides. The system is from Fishman Prefix pro-blend. It also comes with a TKL hard case that protects the guitar. The sound of the guitar is crisp and clear giving it a plus over other classical guitars.

Who should buy this product?

For the left-handed players, the Cordoba C5 is the model for you. No need again to swap the strings so that it fits you, instead go for the left-handed version of the C5. The craftsmanship is still the same on the left-handed version.

The guitar is also ideal for kids or beginners. It’s because Cordoba manufactures the C5 in three other sizes which are 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8. With these sizes, it also makes it ideal for guitarists who like to travel.