Would you mind getting a cheap dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar but has an easy-to-play neck with rolled fingerboard ends?

Then the Fender CD-140SCE acoustic-electric guitar is best for you to purchase! This guitar I am telling you about consists of rosewood sides and back with single-cutaway dreadnought body design, which is not expected to be cheap.

Fender is usually recognized for their acoustic-electric guitars; however, it is additionally popular for its cheap outstandingly long-term acoustic-electric guitars for many decades. Fender provides several stunning guitars within the financial plan that is obtainable in the marketplace and CD-140SCE is not left out. Even if there are top excellent acoustic-electric guitars available on sale, one couldn’t anticipate anything superior to this brand at such a reasonable cost. It has the entire worth that one can dream off. If you’re the one in search of a better product at an affordable price, this may confirm to be the remarkable option for you.

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Product overview

CD-140SCE is an affordable plan-fit guitar on sale. Its solid spruce top with scalloped X-bracing and Fishman Presys preamp/pickup just boost the plea. Topped off using a mahogany head cap and tortoiseshell pickguard, the all-mahogany CD-140SCE is prepared for anything you toss at it, on stage or at home. With conventional easy-to-use attachable tuner is incorporated therefore you may possibly keep your device in tune. Having several kinds of options obtainable on sale, one easily gets confused if this could be their best purchase. Obtaining a quality brand at a low price absolutely totes up our day, and Fender CD-140SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is certainly amongst them.

Also, this guitar has a Polishing Cloth, Hard Case, Picks, and Austin Bazaar DVD Guide which makes the guitar accessible. The Picks in the CD-140SCE makes you play right out of the box easily. One of the disadvantages Fender CD-140SCE is the cracked neck which increases day after day. Even it can be tied up; it removes the beauty of the guitar. All the same, beginners can make use of this guitar to learn more.

Key features and Benefits of Fender CD-140SCE

  • Most times, this standard guitar arrives in a classic sensibly figured Mahogany color, but there are several diversities of color obtainable through which one can pick out their choice. This Mahogany makes the guitar worth it, as well as the rosewood neck that adds frosting to the cake! The most desirable colors except for Mahogany having the 12 string brand that makes it reasonably preferable.
  • One of the aspects that make it purchasable is that beginners can use this guitar to get started. It can also be used as a spare guitar; that is being your second guitar apart from the main one. Its accessibility at a low price may draw more prospective customers to pay for it.
  • Another further advantage of this CD-140SCE guitar is that it’s obtainable in an array of colors which offers the purchaser an option to go for the better one that is suitable for him or her. The array of colors are shown in full below:
  • 12 string color: it’s costlier than the additional 2 choices where the 12 string color is represented with a mahogany neck material type.
  • Sunburst: this color utilizes NATO wood in place of meranti that’s employed on the unique guitar.
  • Black: the neck, the fretboard, as well as the crested wood are impassive to the unique make of the guitar offering a dark color.
  • Not like many of its forerunners, the most important contrast that one may feel within this unique CD-140SCE is its high-class neck material type called Mahogany.

Here is an inventory of the key features of this unique CD-140SCE:

  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • It has every Mahogany package
  • It comes with cable, hardshell case, tuner and Strap
  • Strings, Picks, and Austin Bazaar DVD guide are also included in the pack
  • The solid spruce top is available in the pack
  • It has Polishing Cloth
  • Its sides and back are rosewood
  • It has Rolled fingerboard edges
  • The easy-to-play neck is not an exception.
  • It comes with Scalloped “X” bracing
Benefits of Fender CD-140SCE

Except for the features above, the Fender CD-140SCE has excess benefits that may lure anyone in search of a decent purchase. These benefits include:

  • Mahogany top – Featuring appealing crumb patterns as well as warm, rich pitch, the mahogany top of this instrument responds properly to several acoustic playing methods, ranging from durable strumming to delicate fingerpicking or flat picking.
  • Easy-to-play neck – Having its contentedly rolled fingerboard edges, the neck of this instrument makes an exceptionally comfy fret hand since that is ideal for players that are learning or for experienced experts equally.
  • Lightweight – Weighing 15.45 pounds, this instrument can be carried firmly by players shoulder, both in the time of practice or on stage.
  • Support and warranty– With 100% guarantee, this instrument can be returned after 90 days of purchase. This will make customers buy with confidence.

How does it compare?

There aren’t varieties of Acoustic Electric Guitar alternative obtainable for guitarists. At these present times, one can be much occupied with different kinds of things such as families, juggling work, and attempting to study a grain of a collective existence within as well. This Fender CD-140SCE gives a solution for any busy guitarist all around the globe. So if you are a beginner or an expert, but you always have less time to practice, this guitar is best for you. Here’s how it compares:

1. Fender CD-140SCE or 6 String

Even if Fender 6 String has superior features compared to CD-140SCE when it comes to affordability and availability, Fender CD-140SCE is far better than Fender 6 String. They both might be similar in neck material type, but that of CD-140SCE is amazing. Also, 6 String has only one color variety, not like CD-140SCE that has color ranges. And, in addition, Fender 6 String has no guitar that is totally black in color. Therefore, CD-140SCE is still on top.

2. Fender CD-140SCE or Ibanez AW54CEOPN

When it comes to color variation, AW54CEOPN has Natural color with sturdy mahogany top than CD-140SCE. Even though CD-140SCE has no onboard tuner, its cheap price is something that is unbeatable. AW54CEOPN is very costly and also the tone of CD-140SCE is higher than it. There is nothing that will make you buy an expensive guitar that is not loud. So it would be better for you to go for the cheap, loud one, which is Fender CD-140SCE.

3. Fender CD-140SCE or CD-60S

Many people have rushed to Fender CD-60S and have rushed out in a short while because it does not have what they want. Although it is cheap and beautiful, the Fender CD-140SCE is still best for you as a beginner or an expert. CD-60S has similar features like CD-140SCE, you might think of trying it, but one thing for sure is that you will find it hard to master the CD-60S, unlike the CD-140SCE which is very easy to utilize.

Who should buy this product?

This Acoustic Electric Guitar is for those that wish to have a closer look at an Acoustic Guitar and also practice for the main time. Not everybody can buy this product but beginners can. Also, you can get this guitar as a spare guitar to your main guitar, so that you won’t be making use of your main guitar regularly. Focusing on one thing spoils it faster, so by using it as spare, both this guitar and your main guitar will last for a very long time.

It’s worth it!

To round up, the Fender CD-140SCE is generally best for you if your line of business is sing. It’s worth the price; thus it won’t disappoint you at any time. Finally, the Fender CD-140SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar is exceptionally best for those that are looking forward to investing less but taking advantage of it.