Are you an aspiring musician? Then chances are high that you are looking for something within a reasonable range. Isn’t that so? Look no more, because the FENDER CD 60s guitar (dreadnought acoustic) is here to take your breath away. In fact, if you are a hard worker and fast learner, then it will move your audiences at once. Point is you too need to work on your notes and lessons diligently along with buying a guitar!

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Product Overview

There is no doubt that this guitar is ideal for players who have just started out. The guitar is so impressive that instantly inspires you to practice better. Fender has always been famous for surprising its customers with upgraded products and this guitar does not disappoint in the way. The construction of the guitar is suggestive of the fact that it will last for a very long time even after repeated use. The comfortable fingerboard, spruce top, and an improved neck design make the FENDER CD 60s a delightful instrument to play on. The dreadnought shape helps to produce a fuller sound. So, it does not matter where you are strumming the instrument you can expect a rich sound that a typical guitar from Fender would produce.

Since the guitar is made from Spruce and is much tougher than other woods, so you can expect that the guitar will last for a very long time to come. The guitar is very versatile so whether you play with a pick or your finger pick this instrument is designed for excellence. The guitar neck deserves a special mention as it is very comfortable so you can develop fast finger techniques. So, you can focus on playing your legato techniques with ease. The good thing about the guitar is that the sales package also contains all the required accessories that will help you get started the right way, this means you can simply unbox the guitar and get started. You get extra strings, a guitar strap, access to online guitar lessons and a lesson DVD from the seller. The good thing about the instrument is that it can be carried everywhere as it is very lightweight. This guitar can be played by both professionals and beginners alike. So, buy this instrument without any hesitation as you will not regret it at all.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

The guitar has become very popular simply because it has awesome features. Fender is known to introduce major improvements in their products and this guitar is no exception. Here are some of the noteworthy features of the instrument.

  • The guitar has an impressive appearance with a glossy polish
  • The spruced top is really solid and has mahogany sides and back
  • The neck of the guitar is really good and the fretboard it is made of rosewood and has 20 frets
  • The rosewood bridge has a compensated saddle
  • The design of the body is dreadnought style
  • The weight of the guitar is 13.65 pounds which makes it very lightweight so if you are a musician carrying this to multiple venues will not be a problem
  • The dimensions of the product are 43.8 x 19.7 x 7.1 inches
  • The construction of the instrument will assure that it lasts for a very long time even after using it repeatedly
  • The company also provides a warranty to the customers on products that are defective
  • The design and overall construction of the guitar makes it a very versatile product, so you can either finger pick or you can even focus on some fast strumming using a pick
  • The action is at a decent height so holding those difficult chord positions will be a breeze for you
  • The design of the neck has undergone a huge improvement and is ideal for professional performances. The guitar is also suitable for practice and tutorials.
  • The sales package comes with a guitar strap, a set of premium strings, a couple of picks and  the seller gives you a DVD to help you play the guitar
  • You also get an online pass to learn from online guitar lessons


This guitar has sold more units than any other brand in the market and for good reason too. Here are some of the benefits of buying this guitar.

  • Firstly you will have a ball playing this guitar because the neck is super comfortable so it means you can play it for hours without feeling any discomfort. Unlike the other guitars, this does not have a chunky feel at all. The action is quite good too which is an indication that you do not require to press really hard to hold difficult chords.
  • The construction of the guitar is superb and sturdy, so it is it an indication that the guitar will be in near mint condition even after repeated use. This is a plus point if you plan to sell it.
  • The sound of the guitar is warm and rich. You will unleash its full sound when played through an amplifier. The guitar will perform well in an average sized room.
  • The good thing about purchasing this instrument is that it comes with a good carry case that you can to gigs. Besides the bag is also effective in protecting your guitar from dust and damage.
  • You will be happy to know that the tuner in the guitar work really well and with it, you can tune your guitar really fast
  • If you want to teach yourself how to play the guitar well then you are for a treat as you will access online lessons on Fender’s website. The picks supplied with the guitar are of superior quality and the strings are of the medium gauge.
  • When you compare this with other brands you will see that it is worth every penny you spend on it. This instrument is quite affordable considering its high quality. So buying this guitar will be a total win-win situation for you.

How Does It Compare?

Fender has updated their CD-60S Classic Design Series acoustic guitar with overhauled highlights, including a strong spruce best, mahogany back and sides, a mahogany neck with an agreeable Easy-to-Play shape and a smooth rosewood fingerboard with edges. This instrument’s expansive body size and great tonewoods convey a colossal, full-bodied sound with an abundant projection for a solo gig, vocal backup, and numerous other “unplugged” applications.

An exceptional selection for a yearning player, this re-structured CD-60S conveys a strong playing background. The CD-60S highlights mahogany back and sides to supplement its strong spruce best for warm and adjusted tone. This total starter pack incorporates the CD-60S, alongside picks, a tie, an extra pack of strings and a free 30-day preliminary of Fender Play with access to many online exercises—all that you have to begin playing in a flash.

If you still want to check on its alternatives, then don’t worry, we have researched a few for you in this post. Here they are:

1. Epiphone DR-100

The Epiphone DR-100 is early on acoustic guitar from one of the world’s most famous guitar brands. Its selection of woods and scrupulousness in the development separate it from the many contending instruments at this price. The guitar has a tone like an altogether more costly guitar by making smart utilization of structure and materials. It is sufficiently flexible to play pretty much anything and it underpins learning for new guitarists. It additionally makes a decent gigging guitar.

With regards to acoustics, the two most imperative elements are fabricated quality and wood decision. Diverse woods make altogether different tones. Furthermore, better form quality means greater toughness and consistency of sound and less upkeep. The DR-100 is made of mahogany in the body and the neck. This gives it an exquisite warm tone. The sensational layer is select spruce, which isn’t decision since it will, in general, be level. However, at this cost, it is difficult to improve the situation. The body is well-constructed and has higher than normal sound projection. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and is genuinely simple to play.

The tone is warm because of the nearness of mahogany. The sound is practically identical to a middle of the road guitar in all regards other than continue. The DR-100 is effectively adequate to be utilized for execution if essential. The tone will sound great with either nylon or steel strings relying upon your favored style, and it is simple enough to play fingerstyle as opposed to with a pick. The tuners, for the most part, keep the tone in order for a sensible measure of utilization. Yet, what needs to be added here is that the fender cd 60s has a touch of elegance that this guitar totally lacks.

2. Squier SA-105

Squiers are incredible guitars and the SA105 demonstrates this. It is a perfect guitar that an amateur can trust to enable them to advance to the following dimension. This guitar has been demonstrated on the “work of art” gunboat shape and will give you a warm adjusted tone made by the overlaid spruce best and covered back and sides. It houses a nato neck that holds a rosewood fingerboard to skim crosswise over instantly. It likewise has high-quality chrome tuners that guarantee full tuning control. The Natural complete of the guitar looks wonderful and you will in a split second love this guitar when you see it.

It holds its tune amazingly well so would make it less demanding for fledglings to play and rehearsing as opposed to continuing tuning. This truly is the ideal starter guitar that offers an incredible tone and playability that you would expect from something in a much more expensive rate section. The guitar will settle inside you as you take a seat to play or will sit delicately against your ribs in the event that you hold up. Where it differs from the CD-60S is quality and we bet you would not like to give up on it by any chance! The choice is yours and we know you are a better judge of things.

Who Should Buy This Product?

It is much the same as Fender to present a guitar at each value point. They’re specialists in their field and they recognize what guitarists of all aptitude levels require. In the event that it was extending your financial plan to consider the FENDER CD 60s, you don’t need to look a lot further to discover

This guitar is a brilliant guitar for a fledgling, particularly thinking of it as has a strong best in a value extend that tenderfoots would frequently shop in. Nonetheless, it’s likewise a fantastic, long-haul guitar that a middle and master player would value having around for easygoing playing and pleasure when the costly ones can remain at home. With appropriate consideration and upkeep, this can be an enduring guitar for any player at any expertise level.

You can purchase this guitar alone, however, in case you’re an apprentice, you’ll value this alternative to purchase the guitar as a package to obtain the embellishments together that would somehow effortlessly push the financial plan into the red. You would have to amass an incredible rundown of basics in the event that you leave behind the offer on the package. Things like, it has no electronic parts for connecting to an amp. This isn’t an acoustic electric guitar and is entirely an acoustic guitar as it were. That makes it your first choice as a newcomer in the musical world. Truly, this is an acoustic guitar for grown-ups and more seasoned kids to play. In contrast to some different guitars, it doesn’t have a cutaway for additional solace while playing.


Indeed, it’s exceedingly fitting for a novice, but it must be noted that it is not only a beginner’s guitar. This is a guitar that is made to get you from indicating A point B, point B being the stage. Truly, it’s sufficient to perform with, and if it’s adequate to get up in front of an audience with, it’s sufficient for a genius!