Are you a budding musician? Do you want to learn to play the guitar, but are not sure which one to get?

Then worry no more, as we are here to help you with a detailed review of the Fender FA 100 in this post. Fender guitar has been around way before our parents were born! That is correct, as they have been serving this industry ever since 1946. This means they have witnessed and have been part of all the major musical revolutions from jazz to blues. Does this interest you? Then read this review till the end to take a call.

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Product Overview

It is true that Fender has been catered to the needs of novices to professionals. Their instruments are an esteemed name in the music industry and the FA 100 is no exception to this. This means the name Fender is certainly not associated with low quality, but on the contrary is a means show how a valued guitar can enrich your learning.

Getting back to our Fender FA 100, we would like to mention that it has a decent structure. Moreover, Fender keeps up a conventional look reminiscent of most old-school guitars. Most dreadnought guitars look alike, but what is important is the sound quality. With respect to the Fender FA-100, it has a full-body measure that anybody will appreciate.

Again, the magnificence of playing guitar isn’t just in the delightful song that exudes from it, however, its capacity to fit serenely in your arms. It has to be stated that the fretboard is low action, which is good for beginners. For as an apprentice, you may encounter humming clamors when strings contact different frets; it is a typical thing in while learning. This low activity likewise facilitates the way toward pushing down the strings for stability.

On the whole, an entry-level guitar the Fender FA 100 has an exceptionally particular and unimaginable sound. You would expect the sound from guitars going at a higher value, which makes the FA100 a commendable buy. Did you know that the inflection of any acoustic guitar ought to be more upbeat as opposed to a classical instrument?

The FA-100 Acoustic Guitar offers extraordinary Fender sound and a huge incentive to everybody. It is a rich-sounding dreadnought acoustic that supports for full and reverberates quite fine. Spruce is today’s standard and it can take acoustic guitars to highest levels, speaking performance wise. It reacts well to any acoustic playing style, from hard strumming to quick flat picking to fragile fingerpicking.

Key Features and Benefits


As we speak of the FA-100, we recall a strongly built body, smooth-playing 20-fret hardwood fingerboard, Fender headstock shape, rosewood connect with remunerated seat, Fender pickguard, and chrome equipment for sure. Yes, these are some of the attributes that we associate Fender guitars with and this one is no different. Of course, there is more to it like:

  • Design – With an outside is shrouded in polished and clean paint FA100 has a decent structure. It is a well-constructed guitar with all parts safely joined. It’s difficult to request considerably more than that. The neck joint exhibits the correct sort of work you would expect from a Fender instrument. This implies it clean, and neither too easy nor too difficult to handle. The craftsmanship is similarly as very organized and its dark authoritative body of the guitar makes it a brilliant choice.
  • Tone – This is particularly critical with acoustic guitars: in contrast to electrics, there’s nothing else in an innovative setting that will impact the sound. However, the room that they are played in makes all the difference. Hence, it is advisable to play it in a place that has less resonance. It has a singing tone, harmonies: nothing too substantial, nothing too light. There certainly is a relative lucidity in the notes when they ring out of the strums. It is an okay guitar for beginners at least.
  • Pitch – This isn’t the simplest guitar on the planet to play. It’s certainly feasible, but rather it doesn’t have the most reduced activity on the planet.
  • Sound – Considering this instrument is fundamentally gone for tenderfoot that is not really the most exceedingly terrible thing. It feels somewhat less refined than more costly instruments, which is this isn’t really a terrible thing.

To be honest, as an entry level guitar, you shouldn’t expect excessively from the sound. For a most inexperienced guitarist, the sound quality is difficult to see between apprentice guitars. The overlay Spruce and Basswood back as well as sides may imply that you forfeit a tad of sound quality with the end goal to save a few dollars. With everything taken into account, the sound you’ll get from the Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar ought to fulfill enough for anyone who has never played the guitar.

  • Stable – Steadiness and projection are expanded when tried against the quarter-sawed X supporting that can be discovered directly under the Basswood top.
  • Bracing – Supporting is a component that you would expect in guitars for players in the middle of the road or expert dimension. Not to mention the Fender FA 100 has it.


The FA 100 has a hoard of advantages that you can count on, like:

  • In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to discover this element in a passage level guitar, for example, the FA100, doesn’t compromise its sound quality.
  • The fretboard, as explained may have low action, but it is regarded as a boon for starters.
  • The strings are close to the fretboard and that makes a lot of difference for a dreadnought.
  • Additionally, the Hex flexible bracket bar that can be found on the neck assumes a huge job in balancing the FA100’s string activity.
  • This element guarantees that your guitar performs at the ideal dimension reliably.
  • It may not be a pro device, but is bang on the buck.
  • The aesthetics are hard to ignore as the guitar has killer looks!
  • If you are buying the bundle, you may get a few surprises for good.
  • In conclusion, you can make certain that you will have the FA100 forever on account of a limited warranty liberally issued by the manufacturer.

How Does It Compare?

Fender as a brand has long established itself and there are no qualms about it. All you need is to look at the different products it has produced over the years. The FA 100 is not just another product, but a carefully thought through one. It is made for beginners and Fender has kept is simply keeping in mind the handling of their equipment.

There’s likewise a rosewood connect, alongside a nut and remunerated seat made of engineered bone, giving a more predictable tone and feel contrasted with the plastic you’ll discover on numerous other spending acoustics. The guitar is hung with an arrangement of Fender’s Duratone strings. If you still want to compare with others then here is a rundown, have a look.

1. Washburn WD7SCE Harvest Series

In spite of the fact that this guitar is costlier than the FA-100, the wood quality is pretty good for the cost. It additionally has the additional liven of better than average gadgets — an XLR yield implies this guitar can be connected to a speaker for more volume yield and the sound tells you all. The lows are similarly as striking as the Fender, yet the highs come up short on a tad of a similar freshness. Still, Fender remains unbeaten at its cost and sound quality at that price!

2. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

This is a less expensive yet marginally less great apprentice guitar. The seat that accompanies the guitar isn’t that impressive, but the abilities of the guitar to have extraordinary tones and reverberation far outperform those of the Fender. We suggest quickly supplanting the strings this guitar is made with, as they are the most minimal quality part. When the strings are supplanted, you’ll discover this guitar has dazzling sound. Once again with a Fender, you will not have to think of changing the strings and all that!

3. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

One more beginner guitar that is less expensive than the FA-100, the Epiphone DR-100 is a spruce-topped acoustic that has extraordinary sound at the cost. Volume yields pleasantly, and the sunburst complete makes this guitar look lovely. Be that as it may, the fretboard is carelessly made and you’ll need to either grind down a portion of the frets or get fortunate with the individual guitar you bought. Look at the sound quality on this guitar if it’s in your nearby shop. You don’t have to worry about finishing a fretboard with a Fender. Think about it!

4. Rebel RA-090 Dreadnought

It`s a traditional 6-stringed dreadnought acoustic guitar. Its price is the real deal and the other characteristics are not that extraordinary. The sound is unremarkable. It’s anything but a terrible gadget, only a truly spending one. So, you see FA 100 is way ahead of these cheap types.

5. Ibanez IJVC50

In spite of the fact that Ibanez is renowned for their electric guitars, especially their Steve Vai signature series, today they are well known for the structure and development of their acoustics. They started assembling acoustic guitars in Japan during the 1930s, which means they have a lot of experience as well.

The IJVC50’s thousand show estimated body, chrome tuners, rosewood fingerboard, and Ivorex II nut and seat all met up to make this an exceptionally playable guitar. In case you’re searching for an inexpensive bundle which contains all that you have to begin as a guitarist then this is an unsurpassed choice for you. Nonetheless, it is nothing the FA 100.

6. Oscar Schmidt OG10CE

Oscar Schmidt is a sub-brand of Washburn and the OG10CE is an uncommon case of a good quality acoustic-electric guitar. It’s intended for live execution and has a built-in preamp so you can connect it specifically to a PA framework or acoustic guitar amp – obviously, you can utilize it as a normal acoustic guitar also.

With extra highlights, for example, the implicit guitar tuner and the cutaway plan which makes it simple to achieve the high frets, the OG10CE speaks to incredible esteem as a rule. It has a low activity which implies that the strings are somewhat nearer to the fretboard than on most acoustics – this makes it somewhat less demanding to press the strings down which can be helpful to apprentices.

The one possibly negative part of the OG10CE is that its thin body prompts it underscoring the treble more than standard estimated acoustics, so on the off chance that you need a hotter sounding instrument, get one of the others on this rundown. The FA 100 is popular for its brawny body and anti-warping aspect!

The FA 100 offers a reasonable projection for the materials, supported by the X propping, while the general sound is fresh, clear and lovely. You presumably won’t have any desire to gig with it, yet for exercises, practice and those bonfire exhibitions you couldn’t request much better without extending your budget without a doubt.

Who Should Buy The FA100?

In the event that you are thinking about buying this as section level guitar for your youngster or somebody more youthful, we’d prescribe these for children acoustic guitars. Also, a novice’s guitar doesn’t imply that it will be the main instrument, but more like a practice guitar.

Practically speaking, if you are a beginner, you may not need a fancy guitar at all. You start with a simpler version and upgrade later. This will help you understand how to play your music and what are the most effective ways to bring out your finest form. Most importantly, it will not warp like a cheap beginner guitar. The manufacturers have ensured that with their limited warranty. Additionally, it does not make it hard for beginners to play, as the strings are close to the fretboard. This is why it is called a low action guitar and we have already clarified that in this post. It produces decent sound and does not burn a hole in your pocket. What more can you look for in your first guitar?


You will have the capacity to feel and hear each note unmistakably, which affixes the learning procedure and makes it considerably additionally engaging. It is highly recommended for those starting with their music. Nonetheless, many a professional have found it to be a perfect piece for their gigs. We can go on about this guitar, but we want you to decide for yourself. In a nutshell, the Fender FA 100 is apt for beginners and you must be proud of owning of one.