A true comfort of a guitarist is having a guitar at hand regardless of where you are, right?

When it comes to guitars, the oft-repeated moniker that says bigger is always better isn’t necessarily true. It’s because the Little Martin series allows you to carry your most prized possession far away from home and still play it through stuffy tour buses and crowded airports with no hassle. That is why the Martin lx1e is a godsend guitar in terms of convenience and tone as well as Ed Sheeran’s favorite.

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Product Overview

As most of the highly-experienced guitarist would advise, a guitar should provide excellent sound quality and still be beautiful. Now, this is where the Martin lx1e comes in. The guitar is gorgeous and has a traditional style often referred to as parlor guitar or travel guitar.

The guitar comes with unique features which contribute to the sound quality and overall performance as well. It is one acoustic guitar on the market that you will find to be valuable to compare with other acoustic guitars present in the market. In that note, let’s take a look at the significant things that describe Martin lx1e.

  • Includes a soft gig bag
  • Low oval rush laminate neck
  • A solid Sitka spruce top
  • Sides and back made from high-pressure mahogany laminate (HPL)
  • A satin finish
  • Belly bridge style
  • A Richlite fingerboard material
  • Onboard electronics from Fishman for plug-in and play flexibility
  • An inlaid bolter on the rosette without the use of red fiber
  • Twenty frets in total

Some of the pros and cons you get from this description include;


  • Excellent playability and nice feel
  • A nice preamp
  • Clear and bright sound

  • The projection of the bass sound is not that good compared to more prominent guitars
  • It is difficult to adjust the truss rod

Key Features and Benefits

The following are the most significant features of Martin lx1e that you can benefit a lot from.

  • Material

From its product overview, one can tell that one of the most vital things that the Little Martin series have invested in the Martin lx1e is the material. The high quality of the wood used to make it ensures excellent playability as well as quite a good sound quality. In general, the material used to design the Martin lx1e enables you to play without feeling any discomfort.

  • High-quality electronics

It is with no doubt that this guitar would replace your big guitar; however, when it comes to staging performance or studio performance, the Martin lx1e will surely replace your big guitar. The electronics equipped in this guitar are from the famously known Fishman Sonitone. They’ve ensured that the guitar provides you with the ability to have a taste of true sound quality.

  • Gig bag included

As a guitarist, you are always cautious about the safety of your guitar. The guitar comes in a luxury gig bag that will allow you to keep your guitar safe and at the same time show the beauty of the bag. When it comes to traveling, this luxury gig bag assures you on the safety of your guitar.

  • Low oval neck

The neck of the guitar is designed in a low elliptical profile made from Stratabond birch laminate. The material makes the neck stiff and robust and promotes its playability and quality. Additionally, the design of the neck allows you to play it for hours while feeling only joy and comfort. The low oval rush laminate design also ensures you have a comfortable grip for both your hands.

  • Built-in tone shaping, phase, and volume controls

The sound produced by a guitar is probably the most vital things you are interested in. Most of the little and travel guitars produce thin and bright sounds; however, for the Martin lx1e, it projects a slightly miniaturized classic Martin sound. This is due to its inbuilt phase, tone shaping, and volume controls which give you an excellent opportunity to play different types of music genres.

  • A 23-inch scale length

Most guitars have a length scale length of more than 23-inches; however, for the Martin lx1e, that’s not the case. The 23-inch scale length allows its frets to be placed closer to each other. With this length, it is easy for you to make chord shapes without the need of stretching your fingers too much.

  • FSC-certified Richlite bridge and fingerboard

It goes unnoticed that the bridge and the 20-fret fingerboard is designed from FSC-certified Richlite. Since Richlite is a post-consumer of recycled paper, it means the board is not from wood. It, therefore, guaranteed you that once it’s polished, there will be no wood shrinkage. Moreover, the dense and hard Richlite is useful in transmitting the vibration of the strings on the fingerboard to the soundboard. It enhances sound quality.

  • Durability and resilience

Small as Martin lx1e may be, it is nonetheless robust. It is due to Martin’s high and top bracing standards on its build quality to give durability and resilience. For that reason, the brand went for a combination of Richlite and Stratabond to provide the guitar with a solid wood-like feel and to ensure it remains sturdy. The mahogany on the sides also gives it quite beautiful shapes and edges.

How does it compare?

When it comes to guitars, you want something that you will fall in love with. If you don’t love the sound or style of the Martin lx1e, then perhaps you can consider the following brands.

1. Cordoba Mini M

Here comes a guitar that makes Martin lx1e run for its money when considering the string instruments. It is an ideal guitar for practical lessons as well as on the road use. The guitar features nylon strings to enable it to offer excellent playability and feel. Moreover, the guitar incorporates custom Aquila string design to give it a far more advanced design against its competitors. It also comes with mahogany constructions at both the back and sides of the instrument same to the Martin lx1e. As a real acoustic guitar, you have the opportunity of turning up the guitar to 4th-A as well as within a standard E.

2. Yamaha GL 1

It is designed to be a half ukulele and to provide 100% happiness and fun. The 3.2-pound weight of the Yamaha GL 1 makes it light enough for beginners, kids, and students to handle. It features excellent natural finish with its tuning pitched to A. The lines are nylon and the six strings included makes it comfortable and easy to play. Most people refer to it as ideal for kids; however, adults can also use it, specifically, those interested in honing their skills.

3. First Act FG127

The size of this model is tailored for kids and beginners to enjoy. It features frets that are very thin similar to its sister model, the FG250P. The low string action included enables you to have a secure and comfortable play. Additionally, the strings come with protective covers to keep your fingers safe from injuries and peeling. Since it is an ideal guitar for kids and beginners, it offers a learn a-chord that teaches the beginners and kids the basics of playing the guitar from the start. Its thin profile body makes it fun and comfortable.

4. Yamaha FS800

The Yamaha brand is known as a home of musical instruments. Well, with the FS800, the brand makes you feel that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get an acoustic guitar. It features scalloped bracing pattern to help it to maintain the durability of the upper board. Moreover, the invigorating pattern enables the instrument to have a natural sound that is loud and clear and strong in the low mid-range. Beginners looking to become professionals, then this is an ideal choice for them. The cured and dried woods that are professionally touched with spray gives it an excellent finish and quality.

Who should buy this product?

All in all, the Martin lx1e offers quite a lot of features and benefits compared to other models available in the market. Generally, it is suitable for a broad range of players. Now, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the ideal four target audience of the Martin lx1e.

Martin lx1e is generally a small-sized guitar; therefore, the first target audience of this guitar is a person with small hands and small stature. However, players with a significant stature and size of hands should not worry as they can quickly adjust and play Martin lx1e.

You may think its size is a weakness, but it’s a plus to it. That brings us to the second target audience which is beginners. Beginners will feel more comfortable playing this guitar because they don’t need to stretch much when playing it.

Still, on the size, you can play it in crowded buses and airports. Its size allows you to play it comfortably without hitting people besides you with its back and front end. It, therefore, makes it ideal for travelers – third target audience.

Since the Little Martin Series features a special Ed Sheeran edition, it makes it ideal for the fourth target audience which is experienced guitarists.