Are you looking to shop for your very first acoustic guitar? Or perhaps just want to upgrade your collection with something brand new?

Your search ends here. We have already done the heavy lifting for you by sifting through hundreds of models begging for attention in a saturated market and settled for one worth checking out. The Seagull S6 -a top-notch quality and affordable mid-range guitar in its class.


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Product Overview

The Seagull S6 may not immediately win your heart when you first lay your eyes on it. Why? Because it is not characterized by any of the bells and whistles that come with flagship line guitars. It seems clean and basic.

So what is this buzz all about? Well, up until you try it out, is when you will acknowledge why it is truly special and has captured the hearts of many guitarists. Simply put, it sounds fantastic.

Seagull S6 has its roots from Quebec, Canada. It is one among the many great inventions of Godin Guitars, brand renown for the manufacture of top-shelf quality guitars. Seagull line was established back in the eighties; 1982 to be precise. It was meant for handmade acoustic guitars. It is only until the 90’s when its tremendous performance began getting recognition from musicians mostly in the UK.

This heightened popularity grew to make Seagull a brand with a solid reputation and it revamped the glory of handmade acoustic guitars in the music scene. Legendary music artist has been spotted rocking this award-winning brand of guitars while recording, in music concerts and tours; James Blunt, Kim Deal, and Michelle Lambert are some of them.

Premium craftsmanship is what describes the S6; a sturdy build with greater finesse in the intricate details. The materials used are just unique to it and coupled with other out of the ordinary features, it is no brainier that this guitar was made to stand out from the rest. It’s top even gets pressure tested before leaving the factory. An indication of how serious Seagull is about delivering quality to clients.

This guitar is constructed from real Canadian timber: cedar, maple, and wild cherry. Playing or just holding the guitar, you could still smell the natural woody scent. Strung with the finest of steel strings combined with other original components, the quality is nothing short of excellence. A polished semi-gloss finish completes the look.

Measured and cut out with precision, the dimensions of Seagull shift from the norm to include features that give the guitar versatility, adaptability, effective playability and absolute comfort for the player. It is playable by people with different skill levels and physical traits. And even though the S6 is a favorite among novice players, the guitar is a keeper as it is still enjoyable at intermediate and advanced stages. What’s more, it has modeled for both left and right hand orientation so that no one is left out of experiencing this harmonic bliss.

The sound quality is clear, beautiful and amazingly resonant thanks to its solid cedar top and full scale neck. Seagull S6 holds up well for blues, folk and just about any other jam. Like a fine wine, it takes a while to master but once you get the grip of it, the instrument sounds better every other time.

Trading for a little under $500 the Seagull S6 definitely doesn’t come cheap but is still in the affordable price bracket and has so much more to offer for that price. No matter how you look at it, this full size dreadnought body guitar speaks brilliance in every aspect; construction and performance. It is something that will definitely give you value for money.

Let’s look at the finer details of the S6 and find more reasons to buy it.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Authentic wooden body and pressure tested the top

The back and sides are constructed from beautiful 3 layer laminate wild cherry while the pressure tested solid top is made of cedar, quite far from the usual spruce and mahogany on many other mid-range entry level guitars. This build is not only robust but also favors a variety of mind-blowing warm tones. The neck is silver leaf maple while the fret board is crafted from the ordinary Rosewood with 21 frets.

  • Double action truss rod

A double truss rod improves playability and stability of the guitar by offering both forward and backward adjustments that keep the guitar in tune for a long time even without being played.

  • Wide neck and thinned out the headstock

The headstock is designed to taper at the end to ensure more stable tuning by creating the proper alignment of strings to the nut to minimize drag. A wider set-on neck, on the other hand, is pretty much easier on everything and everyone; fretting, fingerpicking styles, strumming and people with bigger hands. Even normal sized hands find comfort as it feels fuller on the palms.

  • 8″ Tusq nut and compensates saddle

When you want to tell a high grade guitar from a bunch of ordinary junk, these features are what separate the two. It enhances the quality of intonation by ensuring every string passes over the saddle at a unique spot.

  • 6 set 12-53 gauge steel strings, medium
  • Semi-gloss lacquered finish

These are the notable features of the Seagull S6 which make it such an amazing piece of musical instrument you can own with pride. There’s barely anything negative to say about this guitar. It is worth noting that the lacquered finish is reported to dent and scratch easily. A flimsy downside though as it has no effect on the sound which is the defining factor of a good guitar. Invest in a deluxe case and you are good to go.

How Does it Compare?

1. Yamaha FG820

This Yamaha model is comparatively smaller in size and quality to the Seagull S6 and as a result lower in price too by about a hundred dollars or so. It is much shorter and thinner measuring 42.5 by 20.7 by 6.1 inches against 46 by 18.5 by 7.5 inches for Seagull S6. Its construction favors alder and mahogany body woods. Alder is an awesome choice for a variety of mid tones. Mahogany is economical (cheaper) and produces warmer tones. The sound quality is good, very distinct but not as brilliant and bigger as the Seagull’s sound combination from a pressure tested cedar top and wild cherry back and sides in addition to the advantage of extra volume.

2. Bristol BD-16 Dreadnought

Among the three, Bristol BD-16 Dreadnought is the smallest of the pack with a 40 by 16 by 5-inch body. Tonewood choice is typical spruce and mahogany. With such a small frame and thus minimum volume, the sound projection is far much lower than the Seagull S6 which is a full body dreadnought size. Like the Yamaha FG820, they both lack Seagull’s intricate details such as the Tusq nut and compensated saddle. It cost a little over a hundred dollars less, obviously a trade off for quality and size. For younger players such as children, petites and first timers doing lessons, it is a perfect choice as the smaller frame will be easier to handle until they can build their confidence to go full size. However, if you want something for serious action that you can not outgrow as your skills get sharper and you move levels up the learning curve, the Seagull S6 is your best bet.

If you are really strapped for cash, the two alternatives from Yamaha and Bristol will be great choices as they cost much lower. However, when it comes to substance, Seagull’s is undisputed. The authenticity and uniqueness of tonewood choices used to craft it are unmatched. The sound is versatile and its medium-high action fantastic. It is the finer details that make a huge difference and are worth every extra penny. Specialized construction, Tusq nut, and compensated saddle are what you will find only in high end guitars. This means among the three mid range instruments, Seagull S6 takes the cup home.

Who Should Buy this Product?

Seagull S6 is a perfect buy for any guitar enthusiast. Whether hoping to join or start a band, going for a music audition or doing an open mic, music students, songwriters; it will serve anyone well.

Still wondering if this product is for you?

Seagull S6 is the perfect buy for anyone who wants an astounding acoustic guitar that sounds great and has excellent craftsmanship without breaking the bank.

If you are the kind of person that gives preference to quality and performance over glitz and glam then you will be really happy with it. While it is kind of traditional in looks and lacks flashy frills such as inlays and cutaways, it holds up so much better than some high end guitars going for double its price.

Beginners can also benefit from buying this product as it’s received lots of praise for being entry level friendly. You can lower the action to make it easy to play, comfortable and more forgiving. What’s more, you can never outgrow it. Even the most accomplished guitar players agree that it sounds fantastic and keeps getting better with every pluck.

Seagull S6 possesses some unique features that are meant to enhance its effectiveness. These have received praise and criticism alike depending on whether viewed as pros or cons. If you are pretty particular and rigid about the standard guitar measurements, this one may not work for you.

Those open to trying new stuff can quickly get accustomed to it, fall in love and will never want to trade it off for another.

If you are any of the above things, you should probably buy the Seagull S6 and get a bang for your bucks.