Do you know you can get a string dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar with a great sound at an affordable price?

This is a perfect question to ask all guitar lovers, who are looking for a decent guitar for their musical life. For cases like this, purchasing this rich sounded and amazing guitar will be fine. The Takamine EF381SC is a very exclusive type of guitar that offers great deep sound via a brilliant spruce quality that is difficult to anticipate in it cost crew. The Takamine 12-string dreadnought is crafted with handmade in the pro sequence ability that started creating and designing exactitude and quality musical instruments for more than five decades. Ever since the chains began designing and making Takamine EF381SC guitars, they strive to offer buyers genuine and high-quality products at an affordable price.

They never fail in tendering long-lasting and affordable guitars which is nice for all guitar loves. Takamine presents a majority of awesome 12-string guitars in the plan that is present in lots of markets today and EF381SC is also included. Even if there are best dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar in the market, buyers shouldn’t be anticipating much more quality in Takamine EF381SC at the cheap price they are offered. Buying the 12-string guitar will be a good decision you will ever make for your musical life. You will find your dream guitar in Takamine EF381SC because it is an awesome product for all guitar lovers. Do you want to waste your money in buying some traded guitars in the market that wouldn’t even give you the great tone and sound you want? Nobody will want that! However, if you buy the Takamine EF381SC 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar, it will provide you with an amazing sound and also cost you less.

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Product overview

The EF381SC 12-string dreadnought is crafted with handmade in the chains facility, which has been creating accuracy and classic instrument for more than five decades. The adaptability of the products started via a solid cedar top, which could power chords or plays interesting and sweet melodious pages with exact ability. The maple sides and backs are an awesome reflector for the tenor the soundboard produced, while the gloss black complete, appears great beneath the stage lights. The neck of the mahogany is connected to the body of the guitar with an ultra-sound, local, dovetail joint. It has Takamine’s CT4B ll preamp device attached to it, paired via the genuine Palathetic down-saddle spontaneous for an unequaled response of the amplifier.

The extremely and highly praise CT4B ii preamp device via volume control, in-built tuner and three-band EQ. the strings of the Takamine guitar doesn’t cease to amazing people once the spring it at them, this means that their strings are always original and classic. The back wood if the guitar is maple which attracts people. The black color of the guitar helps in making the guitar look matured and natural.

The Takamine products are actually given names after Takamine Mountains in Sakashita, Japan. The founder of the company started the guitar family production, during the time guitar playing became popular in the early 60s. Then it began as a family business but seeing how successful it became the owner decided to explore it. Now it is one of the head guitars in the markets over the world. The owner developed their techniques and added attractive design and developed talent. That is why you are seeing this amazing product of Takamine 12-string with great features today.

Key features and benefits of Takamine EF381SC 12-STRING guitar

  • One of the features of Takamine EF381SC is that you can never find it in another color except for black. It has no variety of colors, which will allow you to pick your favorite color but it offers excellent quality ever. The maple black color it offers makes it darkly favorable and vast. It gives it a high standard look, maturely shaded and sweet look.
  • One significant feature of EF381SC is that it is a part of the Takamine product that merged every feature together in one making it versatile. These combined features make the dreadnoughts to be extremely playable with an awesome and specific design that appears good and as well allow usage on the top frets. Moreover, also note this, daily the Takamine 12-string guitar moves to and fro fashion trend.
  • The solid cedar top with maple sides and back help in boosting of the third feature. EF381SC offer goods sounds and tones due to its solid back. The sounds make you feel the life in music, it makes the guitar to remain on top no matter how fashion move. It offers the perfect balance of glossy highs via tight down part that is not boomy. The side and down maples are the exact match of the guitar. The gloss black finish is stylish and elegance.
  • Another exclusive feature is that EF381SC is one of the stylish guitars for first timers and learners. This feature makes it worthy of investment. It is well-known and purchased in the market because of its great benefits and low cost.
  • The mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard is exclusive and amazing too. The EF381SC has durable and strengthened solid mahogany neck. This is to assure the owners that the neck will never bend or break for a long span in the future. The rosewood fingerboard is the perfect alternative to choose. It gives the guitar a full bound for good appearance.
  • It has CT48 onboard preamp via three-band EQ. the portal believes that it makes no sense putting much effort in handcrafting an exclusive acoustic guitar and finalizes it with any old preamp. That was the reason why they chose the ct4b for the Takamine EF381SC. The CT4B II Electronics consists of a three-band EQ that allows your tweak to taste your amplified tone.
  • The Takamine EF381SC Guitar consists of a plush-lined hard-shell case. The manufacturers believe that as a great guitar, it deserves a good place to stay when it isn’t useful. So Takamine provides the gc1128 plush lined hard-shell dreadnought guitar case with no cost attached to it.
  • The Takamine EF381SC 12-String Guitar lasts longer than many guitars in the market. Purchasing it will benefit you a lot and you will not have to buy the guitar for many years. This makes the EF381SC well bought in the markets today.
  • This Electric Acoustic Guitar has another sweet feature that gingers people to make use of it, and that is, its light weighted. You can be able to carry the guitar from one place to another and this makes the players feel comfortable.
Here are the lists of the Takamine EF381SC dreadnought features:

  • It has black color
  • Its body type is a dreadnought
  • It finished end is gloss
  • The neck material type is mahogany
  • The neck shape is standard
  • The back and side wood is maple while the top wood is solid spruce
  • The number of frets is 20
  • It controls 3-bands EQ, volume
With all this you should know that the Takamine EF381SC is very characteristic guitar!

List of the benefit of the Takamine EF381SC dreadnought:

  • It is very specific and special regarding compares with other peers. One from either It features, prices, and another characteristic must bite the other peer.
  • Gives pleasant sound and tuning
  • Last longer and can be perfect there for years.
  • Light weighted and fun to carry around

How does it compare?

1. Takamine EF381SC or gj72ce- 12

Even though Takamine gj72ce-12 has some features higher than EF381SC, when it comes to sound quality and price, the EF381SC is better off than gj72ce-12. The Takamine gj72ce encompasses a solid spruce top which makes it look expensive and TK-400 preamp system guitar bundle with a guitar stand. And all this makes it price very high, and can only be afforded by a rich guitarist. It hardly sells in the market unlike EF381SC that everyone is buying. It is also in brown sunburst color while EF381SC is black, making it look mature. Also, the gj72ce-12 is heavy compared to the EF381SC that can be carried about. Thus EF381SC is still the decent buy for both beginners and low budget guitarists.

2. Takamine EF381SC or fender fa100

There are several features that Fender fa100 has, which Takamine EF381SC does not have. But when it comes to color, neck material type as well as quality sound, Takamine EF381SC is the ultimate choice. Even though fa100 is very beautiful and lure and can make people go for it, its low-quality sound and price have made it unaffordable for people with a low financial plan. Thus, no matter how much you have budgeted to get a guitar, a nice move you can ever make is going for Takamine EF381SC. One of the reasons why you would immediately go for Takamine EF381SC is the superior quality as well as the cheap price it has. So nobody would ever waste time to purchase a good guitar.

Who Should Buy This Product?

To wrap it up, the Takamine ef281sc Guitar is in a general just right guitar option to consider for your music career. It is quite affordable, simple looking and easy to use, especially for beginners. Ultimately, the Takamine EF381SC Guitar is exceptionally stunning for people that want to pay less and get excess.