Are you a musician that is looking for a quality acoustic guitar?

Then consider yourself to be lucky, as we bring you the Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar to you. This guitar is not well built and it must be mentioned that it has taken the sound to another level. This will lend your music a unique texture making you feel proud and mesmerize your listeners. If this interests you, then find more about this guitar in this post.

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Product Overview

This classical guitar from Yamaha is the ultimate product money can buy. If you are a music enthusiast you may buy this for yourself or you could also gift this to someone who wants to learn how to play the guitar. The quality of the guitar is superb and it has a warm rich tone. You can use this for practice and for professional gigs without any hesitation.

The sound is pretty big at a reasonable. With nylon strings and a rich balanced tone, this is a musician’s best friend. The mahogany body keeps reassuring you that the guitar will last for a very long time. The manufacturer is also known for putting the products through a series of quality tests before putting it out for sale so there I no doubt that you are getting the very best for your money. Though primarily this guitar is for people who are just starting out this can be used by intermediate players too.

The good part is that the sales package includes a gig carry bag, cloth for polishing and a DVD that can guide you to play the guitar. The carry bag helps you store the guitar and move around with it. You also get a guitar tuner that you can clip on to the guitar to tune it, the tuner is very accurate. With the string winder that is included in the sales package, you can change strings within a very short time. The polishing cloth is very helpful as you can now keep your guitar clean at all times. So are you interested in knowing more about this fabulous classical guitar? Then simply keep reading and be fascinated with it. As a user, you will not regret buying this, play this guitar and take your music to another level.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Sturdy body: The body of the guitar is made of mahogany wood and it is quite sturdy this also means that the guitar will last for a very long time to come
  • Soft strings: Strings are made of Nylon and they provide maximum comfort to the player
  • Impressive design: The design of the instrument is very attractive and the glossy finish adds to the charm. The fretboard is made of Rosewood and the scale length is 25 9/16 inches
  • Lightweight: The weight of the guitar is  7.8 pounds and you can carry this anywhere
  • Great brand value: The guitar can be purchased online as it is in stock. The manufacturer offers a valid warranty for its products. The sales package includes a guitar, polishing cloth, extra strings, string winder, and tutorial DVD
  • Affordable: With this guitar and all its accessories you are getting a lot for your money so you will not have to settle for some other brand for silly prices


  • This guitar can be used by both beginners and by experts. The guitar is super affordable and it comes with a CD, polishing cloth, string winder, and a tuner. This is totally worth every penny and you should go for it without any hesitation. The CD is helpful in introducing you to fingerpicking guitar style. The tuner is very helpful as you can quickly tune up while you are in the middle of a gig. You also get extra strings with the sales package.
  • Yamaha is a brand that has been in the business for decades and employs state of the art technology in making these guitars. The company also makes sure the guitar clears all the tests pertaining to quality before it is sold in the market. With this guitar, you no longer have to depend on other pricey brands in the market.
  • Great product and the sound it produces is absolutely divine and can be used for live performances, studio sessions, home practice and for tutorial classes. In other words, you are getting a product that is worth spending on. As a musician, you will not be disappointed one bit with this fabulous product so but it right away.
  • The neck is designed beautifully and the action is at a perfect height so people who are trying to pick up those difficult chord positions can. Since this is a classical guitar you will not feel any discomfort while finger picking on it as the strings are made of soft nylon. This guitar is the most recommended guitar by most professional musicians. In fact, many professionals use this guitar so do not be surprised if this guitar has been used on some of your favorite songs.  This also means that the guitar is worth purchasing.
  • Since this is readily available online you can have it delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button. Another benefit of buying this is that the company is quick to replace any guitar with manufacturing defects in it. Also, you can read the reviews to get a clear picture of how good this product is and you will be convinced to purchase it almost instantly.
  • So if you really want to start out playing the guitar and you do not want to splurge a lot of cash then you could go for this. This guitar combo is absolutely worth every penny.   If you plan to surprise a friend with a fabulous gift then this could be your option, with its elegant looks and warm sound it is sure to win over hearts in a short time.

How Does It Compare?

In the realm of guitars, Yamaha Guitars have long established them as a brand. With the magnificent varieties for those hoping to purchase a tenderfoot traditional guitar, the Yamaha C40 is a unanimous choice. It is good for both novices and young learners, as it adds dimension to the Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar and makes it a different ball game. This instrument conveys something that musicians like to work with and its tone happens to be one more reason to give it a thought.

If you still want to compare it with some other brands, then we have done that for you. Here have a look at the following discussion to seek clarity of any kind.

1. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone has its very own reputation and is no longer consider knock-offs, as they are licensed under the Gibson brand. The sound is so great which isn’t just splendid, but clear. DR-100 punches route over its weight class, especially with regards to sound. It remunerates for any known imperfection with a bounty of lucidity in the mid and upper range. This is one of that uncommon reasonable acoustics which will respond well to all styles of playing, including utilizing a slide. As an apprentice guitar, pays well and beginners can rejoice from it. So, you could undoubtedly take this thing out for light stage utilize. Nonetheless, it is not Yamaha and yes, it lacks the brand name. It costs more than the Yamaha C40 which could be a problem for budding musicians for sure.

2. La Patrie Etude

Having been available for over 10 years now, La Patrie’s established guitar has been the most loved guitars. It’s a basic guitar, with a straightforward plan and clear stable. If you have been searching for a decent item, however, have rapidly discovered that a large number of them have futile highlights, at that point La Patrie guitar can offer you a complaint free experience. The marginally bent fingerboard will help your fingers rapidly discover their place and you will have the capacity to play convoluted bits of music in a matter of seconds.

If you want a guitar with incredible sound along with a decent plan, the La Patrie guitar piece should be your pick regardless of what sort of class of music you play. Nevertheless, we must mention that it is quite an expensive device that may not be affordable by all, unlike the Yamaha C40.

3. Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Size

Cordoba’s Dolce guitar stands out for its lightweight characteristics and sound effects. In the event that you have been rummaging around for a guitar that you can go up against treks without agonizing over its weight, then the Dolce ought to be your guitar of the decision. The strong Canadian cedar top makes it steady and the established guitar strings and weight of the guitar support it immaculately. In the event that you are seeking a rich, full, resounding sound then this guitar is a great decision.

The full and smooth sound is ideal sound for anybody that practices diligently to progress both with ability and execution. The guitar generally speaking is agreeable and has a profound low pitch guitar sound that accompanies the lower strings. Still, you would miss the touch of a Yamaha, if you know what we mean.

4. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought

Fender is a brand that truly we needn’t bother with a presentation. They have a history of 71 years and have designed instruments that have since turned into the equivalent word for quality. The FA-100 is made out of basswood and it has to be stated that using this wood enabled Fender to cut down on their expenses, in spite of keeping up extraordinary form and sound quality. The general structure is fulfilling and the guitar lies serenely on the lap when played. The measure of volume delivered by this guitar is more than better than average. Yet, nothing close to the Yamaha C40 according to us, which may vary.

Yamaha has proven what they are capable of based on their craftsmanship. The playability that is guaranteed by their name is one more feather in their hat. With a rich, adjusted tone and a one of a kind sound from the nylon strings, the C40 traditional guitar sounds stunning. On account of the body worked out of spruce and mahogany, the Yamaha C40 is a solid instrument that has been worked to last.

What’s more, in view of Yamaha’s thorough quality check framework, you realize that you’re getting the specific best. So take your sound to the following dimension with the traditional guitar that can stay aware of you: the Yamaha C40 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar. The C40 may be one of Yamaha’s most modest full-measure established models, yet its quality and tone are remarkable. Plus, you won’t burn up and the Yamaha quality is superior to anything you can think of.

Who Should Buy The Yamaha C40?

The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar has extraordinary playability. It is intended for first timers if truth be told. Yes, it sounds incredible too at the cost the construct quality is likewise. However, we have to agree that this is a training guitar.

The most critical angle is the string height. Take a look at the string height at the nut and furthermore at the twelfth fret and should do it for you. Yamaha is hard to beat in this value point, so no stresses over the structure or development. In case you’re not comfortable with guitars, you must take somebody along that knows a little about them in the least.

In the event that the novice is a child who may drop it or smack it, always put your trust into something like an all-cover C40. If you are a grown up and learning the basics of a guitar, then also we would recommend the C40, as you will learn with the bundle. In case, you want to play at gigs, then you must be reminded that this is a simple guitar that helps you prepare. Rest is your choice as per the nature of the gig.


Overall, the Yamaha C40 is a device that is here to make a mark. It already has accomplished this task to some extent. You need not worry because Yamaha means, you are in good hands.

This classical guitar presents all the provincial tone of a conventional body and development with current arrangements for the present guitarists. Uniting highlights like a strong spruce best, a Meranti back and sides, and a rosewood fretboard and connect, this is a brilliant prologue to exemplary guitar for understudies, an incredible second model to have around the house, or a committed musical device bonfire (speaking of gigs)! What do you say?