What if you get a dreadnought acoustic guitar at a reasonably low price but sounds like a rich one?

It will not be wrong if I ask you this question. Well if that’s the case, then Yamaha F335 guitar is a perfect buy for you! The guitar has a very rich and deep sound with a bright spruce tone which is hard to expect in this price band.

Yamaha is mostly known for their motorcycles, but it is also well known for it’s low-priced exceptionally long-lasting acoustic guitars since the 60’s. Yamaha offers some of the fabulous guitars in the budget which is available in the market and F335 is no exception. Although there are top notch acoustic guitars out there in the market, one couldn’t expect anything better than this one at such an affordable price. It does have all the quality that one should dream off. If you are the one who’s looking for the good product in the reasonable amount that this could prove to be the fabulous choice for you.

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Product overview

F335 is a reasonably priced budget-healthy guitars in the market. Its classic body shape with rosewood fingerboard and tortoiseshell guard only adds to the appeal. Presumably, the guitar’s gold die-cast tuning pegs provide a pleasant tone with incredible playing experience. With traditional western body shape, gloss body and neck finish, this guitar is indeed a price worthy one. With numerous varieties of choices available in the market, one gets easily confused this would be their best buy. Getting a premium quality product at a reasonably fairer price definitely makes our day, and Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Natural is surely one of them.
Additionally, this guitar comes with a full dreadnought body, laminated spruce top, Meranti black and sides which give the guitar a solid build. The light hardwood used in F335 gives it a proper grip and gentle feel. One of the disadvantages of the Yamaha F335 guitar is the instrument’s glossy top layer which provides it with a plastic-type look. Although it acts as an extra layer of protective cover, it takes away the natural feel of the wood. Yet, in a favorable light even then this guitar is suitable for beginners because it will last longer in new hands than any other guitar for that matter.

Key Features and Benefits of Yamaha F335

  • Most of the times, this classic guitar comes in a standard, maturely shaded Tobacco Brown Sunburst color, but there are different varieties of colors available from which one can choose their favorite. This Tobacco Brown Sunburst gives the guitar a vintage rock look, and the rosewood neck adds icing on the cake! The most preferred colors apart from Brown Sunburst are the solid black one which makes it darkly desirable.
  • One of the features that make it worthy of investment is that it is an ultimate guitar for the musicians who have just started or are the beginners, as a gift or even as a spare besides your main guitar. Its availability at low cost can attract a lot of potential customers towards it.
  • Another added advantage of the F335 guitar is that it is available in a range of colors which gives the buyer a choice to choose the good one that suits him. The color options are explained in detail here:
  • Natural color: It is $10 more expensive than the other two options where the natural color is depicted with a Mahogany neck.
  • Solid black: The fretboard, the neck, and the top wood are unaltered to the original build of the guitar giving it a black color.
  • Tobacco Sunburst: This color uses NATO wood instead of meranti that is used on the original guitar.
  • Unlike most of its predecessors, the most significant difference that one would feel in this new F335 guitar is its high-quality Mahogany neck. In its previous models, Yamaha mostly relied on using Meranti neck. However, this difference is not readily visible to inexperienced eyes.

Here’s a list of the key features of the new Yamaha F335:

  • It has a full dreadnought body shape
  • It has a laminated spruce top
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 14 accessible frets, 20 frets all-in-all
  • Has Gold die-cast tuners
  • It has rosewood bridge
  • Its back and sides are meranti
  • It has a tortoiseshell pickguard
  • It comes with the limited lifetime warranty

Benefits of Yamaha F335:

Apart from the above features, the Yamaha F335 comes with a bunch of benefits which can convince anyone looking for a decent buy. These benefits are listed below:

  • Very reasonable- When compared to most of its peers regarding its price, features and other characteristics, this Yamaha F335 guitar is much above any other piece. A good thing about Yamaha is that they don’t compromise with the quality even though they are asking you to pay less.
  • Narrow neck- People who love playing fingerstyle may find this guitar very suitable. Its narrow neck allows a perfect grip which can lead to reduced user efforts while playing.
  • Pleasant tuning- It’s hard to believe that a guitar with such a reasonable price range can provide you with the sound quality of an expensive premium guitar. It’s perfectly blended strings strike the chords well and plays harmonies.
  • Durability- Its two-layered body that acts as a safeguard against scratches or any loss to the shape of the guitar. Hence, it is most suitable for beginners who are going to use it a lot of the times.
  • Fun to play around- F335 is a perfect “campfire guitar” given its superior sound quality but at a reasonably low price. This also makes it an optimal choice as a rehearsing guitar piece suitable for use at homes and during band performances.
  • Lightweight- The important features one would be looking in their desired guitar would be its light weight. This will not only help the player to take it around easily but also makes the player feel comfortable while playing.

How Does It Compare?

1. YAMAHA F335 or FG700S

Although there are some features in the Yamaha FG700S which are superior compared to F335, considering the “price along with sound quality” F335 is way too better than FG700S. FG700S has the top made of solid Sitka spruce which is a slightly better in quality than the laminated spruce on F335 and is also standard for more expensive guitars. However, FG700S does not have color varieties much like F335. The single color is available in the market which is the “Sandburst” coloring that looks classic and dark. They don’t offer guitars made in full black color.

As for the sound quality, given the high price FG700S offers premium sound tunes compared to F335. The sound is much more smooth and playful than Yamaha F335. With F335, although the sound is not as smooth or premium as FG700S still it’s considered worthy of its price. Now when we come to the price, it makes a standout which will influence anybody’s decision. Not everyone can afford a very highly expensive premium sounding acoustic guitar to play all day long at home or the campfires.

However, one would want a guitar which can offer the same features as in the expensive ones with some adjustments at a price that suits their budget. The FG starts at $325 which is way too much in compared to F335 which starts at just $130- almost half its price.

2. YAMAHA F335 or FENDER FA100

Both of these guitars are similar, yet some notable differences could be pointed out. The guitar FA100 is Fender’s a low-cost guitar which is also sold with some other useful facilities. It’s also made out of covered groom on the back and side of the guitar. This guitar also has a dreadnought shaped; where some portions are synthetic.

This, thus, makes it unreliable as in case one wants to make any personal improvements on it, it may even get damaged. On the other hand, F335 comes with a range of same structures but with superior quality and at a price no one would hesitate to pay for a good guitar.


The DR-100 Epiphone is yet another dreadnought having a covered groomed top. However, both the guitars have the difference in their quality of woods. When holding the Epiphone, it stands more comfortable, not very comfortable as other expensive guitars of the same price range. Its delicate body makes it risky to hold and play for long as it may cause damage to the body but that’s not the case with F335. Its solid built and extra coating makes it withstand any damage as may come. Hence, it beats all its peers regarding durability and design. Both their prices almost co-inside with each other yet F335 has much more to offer regarding the quality and value than mere price.

4. YAMAHA FG800 or F335

FG800 acoustic guitar is another Yamaha guitar which comes with a dreadnought, that one can choose either to be dreadnought or concert style entirely depending on you. There are different body types that you can choose to have on your guitar, and one can also have different color selections as well.

However when we compare all this to the price, then F335 stands far ahead. FG800 is not only costly, but its tone doesn’t match the price that you have to pay for the same. On the other hand, for a low-budget guitar like F335, it doesn’t disappoint concerning the quality or look or let’s say comfort while playing.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Although there is a wide range of acoustic guitar collections across the market which may offer almost the same qualities as F335 does but there are certain specific features which makes it stand away from the crowd. The Yamaha F335 guitar is a good investment for those who are looking to start off with the instrument. Its design and commendable consistency can be very appealing to the beginners.

Being in the learning curve, this guitar can be very handy for them to carry around wherever they go due to its lightweight. Also, its double-coating can save from any scratches or damage to its body which is normal when we carry things around. Its narrow neck makes it easy to hold which may be very challenging for any beginner while playing. Regarding quality, this piece is mostly recommended for beginners who don’t have much experience with high concert-quality guitars.

Not only beginners, but the Yamaha F335 guitar is also worthy of even those who are looking for a quality product at an affordable price. It is a perfect “campfire guitar” for anyone who likes to hang around with friends making road trips and also for sing-alongs. This is too a great guitar if you’re looking for a spare one to be kept at home to practice which has a decent quality, especially at an affordable price.

Indeed a perfect guitar for the price!

To sum up, the Yamaha F335 guitar is all-in-all a perfect guitar to start off with your singing career. The look is quite decent and is very affordable especially if one is a beginner. This guitar is a nice one in the budget as compared with the rest among this range. This will not disappoint you at any point given the durability and the strength in the same price range it is compared to. We have already listed the features above, which can give you some idea of how it differs from the rest. It acquires a thumbs up for availability in multiple varieties and colors, mostly black.

Its decent natural look especially black or tobacco brown design with a nice playing ability and functions, its quality sound and evenness makes this guitar stand out from the rest. Overall, the Yamaha F335 guitar is unquestionably a must buy for those who are wanting to invest less but get the most out of it.