Are you looking for a guitar that is within a specific budget but has quality?

It may sound to be a difficult job, but with Yamaha in tow, it may not be that challenging. Yes, you heard us right, which is why we are about to discuss the Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar with you today. Do pay attention and read this post till the end to get a fair idea of this instrument.

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Product Overview

This series was first introduced in the market in 1966 and since then it has been outselling every other model by leaps and bounds. This guitar is an inexpensive model with great tone and high quality which also means that you no longer have to depend on other expensive brands for high quality, musical instruments. Yamaha is the most trusted name in the industry as it uses state of the art technology when it comes to making musical instruments. The Brand has always embraced changes and introduced improvements in their product and this guitar is a perfect example. This is one of the major reasons why Yamaha has become a household name.

Now you may have been told that the guitar is suitable only for beginners but that is not entirely true. This guitar can be used for professional gigs and recordings too. This guitar has a strong and loud sound and the low and mid ranges are very impressive so you will not have to tweak too much to get the ideal sound. The company’s engineers have used simulation and analysis to achieve this flawless sound. As you a musician you will not regret your decision as the sound and quality are both above average.

The design of the guitar is very good too and you will be impressed the minute you set your eyes on this wonderful guitar. The instrument features a scalloped pattern which helps to maintain durability on the top board which also produces a nice natural tone. This guitar is available in two shapes and a variety of interesting colors so just pick what suits your personality right. If you go through the reviews written by the customers you will see that this guitar is totally worth your hard earn money. Keep reading to learn more about this fabulous product.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

Here are some of the features of the guitar that will convince you to go ahead and buy it.

  • Finishing: The good thing about this guitar is that the finishing is superb that has a solid Sitka top. You can rest assured that the guitar will last for a long time.
  • Design: The guitar boasts of impressive design and is found in many different colours. The fingerboard is made of Rosewood and so is the bridge. The guitar has a high-quality polish that gives it an attractive appearance. The guitar also features a truss road which is adjustable and it also has Diecast Tuners. The lightweight of the guitar (6.48 pounds) makes it ideal to be carried around without any problem.
  • Sound quality: The quality of sound of the guitar is unmatched and that means you do not have to invest in other expensive brands. This is perfect for practice and for professional use.
  • Tone: You must be expecting boom sound from a dreadnought like this, but this certainly is not the case with Yamaha FG800. You get a loud, yet full sound out of this guitar. This becomes more than satisfying for novices, as they need to learn the basics of music during their early years of training.
  • Good brand value: The manufacturer has been in business for a long time and so the quality is assured. This guitar is readily available online and the company also provides a suitable warranty on the product. You can also seek refunds and replacements for defective items.


There are can only benefit from buying such a wonderful product and they are discussed below.

  • Firstly if you know anyone who is a music lover then this will serve as a fabulous gift. The guitar has soft actin so it is perfect for players who have just started out with their guitar lessons.
  • The sound quality is no less than a professional guitar so feel free to use this for your gigs and professional recordings too. The guitar can be purchased online and will be delivered to your house within a few days.
  • The strings are very soft so you will not experience any discomfort while holding those difficult chord shapes.
  • By purchasing this guitar you can start your very own guitar tutorial online and offline. The company also refunds money on defective products which are really great.
  • You will obviously want products that are worth your money and this guitar does not disappoint in any way at all. This is crafted really well from high quality wood. And the company conducts several tests on the products to make sure that it lasts for a very long time.
  • The design of this guitar is an improved version of the older ones, this features a bracing pattern which made the guitar top very durable. The good thing is that the guitar can be cleaned very easily and you can minimize those ugly scratches too.
  • The brand offers you a delightful choice of colors to choose from. You will also be treated to two different kinds of shapes to choose from. So, you see that your choices are not restricted at all. The guitar has a truss rod that can be adjusted as and when needed. Totally worth buying this guitar.

How Does It Compare?

As far as Acoustic Guitar go, this is an agreeable model to hold and feels extremely well made – something which isn’t generally the case for this budget. With a respectable setup thinking about the value, the FG800 sports a smooth shiny complete, highly contrasting multi-utilize authoritative and a fake tortoiseshell pickguard on the face to give it some character. At last, we go to the neck, which is joined at the fourteenth fuss. Coordinating the back and sides, this neck is likewise made of nato and a rosewood fretboard. There is no reason that you can blame the structure because it has a pretty strong base.

If you still would like to shop around and look for more guitars in this category, then consider yourself lucky, as we have got you covered. Here have a look at these guitars.

1. Squier by Fender

Fender is a name synonymous with incredible beginner guitars, ideal for those making their first strides on the instrument. Also, this Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster HSS is a staple of their range.

With the famous twofold cutaway Strat shape, there’s a strong birch body, completed in a reflexive cluster of similarly attractive hues. The guitar includes a dash on its maple neck that is agreeable to play, with a maple fretboard and 21 medium enormous frets.

It has a flexible game plan for both perfect and rusty playing, particularly when combined with two tone controls and a five-way pickup selector switch. It is indeed a magnificent device cost for a decent brand and ideal for beginners but is not the Yamaha FG800. You will know the difference once you start playing one!

2. Schecter C-1 SGR

A standout amongst the most amazing guitars on this rundown with regards to style is this C-1 SGR from Schecter, which is a reputed brand in the realm of guitars. With a plan that is intensely affected by their premium C1 models, this moderate musical instrument highlights a strong basswood body that is curved. Moreover, it is formed for extraordinary comfort, enabling unhindered access to the 24-worry maple neck.

Some of its builds are really remarkable, like, the custom twelfth fret trim and dark chrome equipment. It is separate in this model from such a large number of common passage level electric guitars. Hardware is difficult to grumble about, with two better than average humbuckers and basic controls.

3. Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Hail the great Les Paul shape, it highlights both a strong mahogany body and a rush on SlimTaper D-formed mahogany neck, which is home to a rosewood fretboard and 22 frets in total.

The sound originates from what is known as Epiphone-structured 650R humbucker at its neck and 700T humbucker near the extension, giving sufficient Les Paul tenor, with three ways pickup selector switch, alongside individual volume and tone controls, give you some flexibility in the tone.

A Lock Tone Tune-o-Matic connect and stop bar rear end, joined with 14:1 proportion tuning heads, will keep you dependably in order. It’s agreeable to hold and enjoyable to play, settling on it a heavenly decision for fledglings. This is an overall exceptional offering from Epiphone.

4. Oscar Schmidt OE20

Oscar Schmidt may need in notable renown, they absolutely compensate for in quality, and this OE20 – with incredible style, sound and craftsmanship is completely amazing at the cost. With great styling, the Les Paul mahogany body is quite a sight in any hue.

It is light in weight and actually comfy to hold and mention has to be made about the maple neck, which is a pure delight to play. It’s fitted with two detached humbuckers, at the neck and the scaffold, which conveys an extensive variety of sound that would please, propelled players as much as amateurs.

Two volume and two tone controls include adaptability, while the Tune-o-Matic connected with stop bar rear end guarantee satisfactory tuning dependability. The OE20 is one of the main we would prescribe to a learner on a financial plan.

Back to Yamaha FG800, it has to be added that the equipment offers indistinguishable parts which truly upgrades the unwavering quality consistency and tone of this acoustic. It is furnished with an arrangement of fixed bite the dust is thrown chrome tuners that carry out their activity extremely well as this guitar remains in order. There’s likewise a nut and seat, alongside the standard rosewood connect at the base.

It’s boisterous and extremely full, which is the advantage of its body and scalloped supporting. The FG800 is marginally lighter in tone than the rosewood-sponsored Yamaha FG830, however, it’s sweet and warm, with a decent parity of splendor.

The truth is you don’t have to put in longer than five minutes with the FG800 to fall for it. Regardless of whether you are an entire tenderfoot or an accomplished guitarist, you will not find a guitar in this range that will provide you with such clarity as well as quality.

Who Should Buy The Yamaha FG800?

Yamaha is known as the Chevrolet of guitars and with that said, we would conclude that this is good for the early stages of your music life. Yes, budding musicians find it easy to deal with the Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar.

It has to be mentioned that Yamaha’s FG arrangement begun in 1966 with the arrival of the FG180 and FG150. Over a long time since its presentation, they have created and delivered a few ages of FG – all of which have made FG the perfect acoustic for contemporary players. On the whole, there have been more than 200 FG models since 1966.

Realizing that Yamaha is practically reliable has been an eyeopener for a lot of novices. It sounds stupendous, simple to play and learn on.

Most highlights of this guitar identify with its plan. The instrument is very light and has a decent harmony between neck and body making it simple to play while standing. Most essential is the neck. The neck comes with a matte look and this makes the process of making playing extremely smooth even with sweat-soaked hands and highlights a composite profile of the neck. It is genuinely thin and level making barre harmonies and individual notes agreeable to play. As you draw nearer to the head the shape turns into a more profound adjusted square shape that fits pleasantly in the hand and gives incredible solace and support for open harmony playing.


Need we say more? We believe you have a proper understanding of what the Yamaha FG800 is like by this time. Hope we have answered all that you needed to know today. We look forward to hearing from you via the comments section. Let us know about your experiences as we would like you to share it with the whole community.