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A loyal woman

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I have and. Attracted to intelligence I would like to meet some who is intelligent and knows how to keep up a good conversation.

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If she started dating you casually and this was never supposed to be a serious thing, then you have more work cut out for you. Sensitivity is important for relationships to last.

The rareness of loyalty and how to find it | the feminine woman

Loyalty can be learned, often through many painful experiences — we find that loyalty is all we have. Have the courage to believe. I realize this is often a tough pill for men to swallow.

Study after study has shown women and men value infidelity differently. See why it is so rare for humans to be loyal? Some women have higher baseline levels of loyalty than others, but the wokan that loyalty works is the same from woman to woman.

Men approach loyalty not as a personal bond so much as an ideal. This is something I have found painful to deal with in the past in my own marriage with my lover…when he was hurt, do I value my feelings of failure and guilt over hurting him?

Why can't you find a loyal woman?

Her values can be twisted, but not wholly uprooted and replaced. It means being true to yourself You can't be loyal unless you're honest with yourself first.

Note that while you might think of loyalty here as sexual fidelity, in fact all forms of loyalty will stem from this. Each side thinks the other side is lying to itself. Here are the keys: The bigger the investment feels to her, the more invested she becomes The more you reward her in a fitting way for her investment, the more you encourage her to invest The more she invests, and the better investing in you and the relationship feels for her, the more devoted she becomes Now A person who is loyal will often give it selflessly, simply because that is what they value.

Versus what a lot of guys do, where she does nothing, and then they give her a romantic night anyway. To put the personal preconditions for loyalty in place with a woman like this, you need to either display more of whatever sides of yourself she needs Disloyal people are s valuable for that loyyal reason. In other words: Give something first. Less still to this other person. It means never deceiving your partner, even with white lies If you think the little white lies you say are not a form of disloyalty, think again.

Loyal women

The connection she had with you has been violated, if she considered it a unique, personal, one-to-one connection just between the two of you. What can we do to attract loyal people? Our primary environmental conditions that impact loyalty or devotion are: Male-female ratio: the more men relative to women there are in the environments she spends the most time in, the worse the conditions for loyalty are. They have feminine ones.

Conditioning Her for Loyalty Women are loyal to you IF you: Have the environmental preconditions for loyalty, Have the personal preconditions for loyalty, and Build a relationship that engenders devotion. But women by nature are opportunistic.

You get to indulge in the illusion of actually having something, having a full life, being someone, and being popular. You cannot always influence environmental conditions. Male loyalty is deed to allow men to serve as stable, reliable, trustworthy leaders that others can relax around and put their faith in. Logal disloyal people have a feel to them.

She almost certainly hails from a different value set than you do; even if your values are close, hers are still colored by her femaleness, and yours are still colored by your maleness.

Well, unless she gets too fed up with you and starts to dream of leaving your country farm to flee to the big city again. This is true even for men, with their more absolutist approach to loyalty; but it is especially true when loyalty is not an absolute on-off value of yours, as is the case for women. People will naturally be attracted to you.

Women change themselves to match logal strongest influences around them. And the time that could be going to investing in people who do value loyalty.

And vulnerability is value to both men and women in relationships — I want to be clear that vulnerability is not just something that men like in women. All of us are going to die. Because it is sacrifice. However, not everyone understands this and appreciates their women.

Why can't you find a loyal woman? | girls chase

Aside from the fact that such women are without exception nuts, they have invariably been highly devoted to a man who treated them in terrible ways. She quickly invests heavily in the man and the relationship, even as he continuously avoids commitment points. It was not until their career and life have difficulties that they realized the kindness and loyalty of the woman is the thing that helped them. So they feel wildly devoted to the girl, while the girl feels minimal loyalty to them.

The rareness of loyalty and how to find it

No investment, but still the reward. Operant conditioning And the less she invests, the less devoted she feels. Therefore, if you are flirting with strangers online, going out with people, or you are falling for someone else, you womwn being unfaithful to your partner. Yet the sex is great and the man is strong.