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Angel smalls escort

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Riddle me this That's it that's all. Although to be fair that pic appeared to be in a bathroom and so probably outside of the dmalls of the director.

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Although the images that have been shared by a male performer on edcort social media of himself and several female performers doing coke on a LP set certainly doesn't suggest a very esckrt set. BlackSix wrote: Proxy has anggel for a handful of European studios so far, she is hardly an expert compared to the near decade experience of Swede or the many studios that Nappi shot with.

I have no comments about coke being done on an LP set, i do not know anything about that affair You will find the best rough, hardcore videos as well as videos of some very talented females who can ride a cock to save their lives, all made by real amateurs. Tags Our Story So you might be asking yourself….

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By that logic, you imagine all porn studios are inherently abusive or rough and the only reason they wouldn't be is because they are high profile and thus under more scrutiny. And I've seen no evidence that she is some uncritical cheerleader for the European porn industry. We're talking about the current state of the european porn scene and in that regard Proxy or Belle are more informed about the state of the european porn industry than Valentina is She could be shooting in Europe now for many reasons outside of the work.

Of course we don't always know what happens behind the curtains but ask yourself this: Would you rather be working for LP or 21st sextury that are known and renowed studios for a good pay or work for an unknown studio that no one heard about and risk not being paid or having rough work conditions And why the hell would she stay in Europe if the pay wasn't good and the work conditions were rough?

Angel smalls

You could even make a case for big studios being less attentive to anvel performers because they are so big. Why would a small studio be less safe? And how do you know how much those studios pay or that the working conditions are safe? And this is where the vision started.

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Why would she even become a director for LP to begin with? There are a lot of assumptions in your post. Click to expand Most of the incidents that involve a performer having rough working conditions or not being paid enough though not all samlls them usually involve small studios Is it that hard for her to buy a plane ticket and go back to America?

The only reason I can think of that you would think smaller esxort would treat their workers worse is because they aren't in the spotlight. Well, the owners of BangHer are normal persons just like you, not professional businessmen or web developers. Is this what you mean? After 6 months of planning, we began making the site and it was finally finished after days of hard work.

What evidence do you have that European studios are suddenly experiencing some kind of golden age and rolling in dough? How do you as a fan claim to know more about work conditions than those who have actually worked in the industry? You might want to check how many different studios she has actually shot for before saying that she is smlls expert.

Click to expand There is no necessary connection between a small studio and "rough working conditions.

No it's not because she had a successful career in America and if she didn't like the European porn industry, the European porn girls or the studios, she would go back to the US where according to your sources, the pay is higher and the work conditions are better for the performers Pretty much all the big european studios pay their performers wngel and the work conditions are relatively safe Click to expand Well this thread is about LP, so we're talking about the pay and the work conditions that are related to LP first and foremost.

The only thing Belle and Proxy are experts on is smlals they are treated by LP.

Not that I'm saying this is the case. The american porn industry is not as pink or perfect as you all make it out to be Click to expand If Proxy wasn't an advocate of the european porn industry why would she constantly be on the lookout for new talent to shoot for LP?

As i've said ly Valentina used to work in Europe like 3 or 4 years ago, things have changed, the european porn industry has evolved and things are not as they used to be As for Proxy and her knowledge of European studios. And I never said that 'conditions were rough' I simply repeated the actual statements of performers that the escorh were less professional in Europe, not LP in particular.

And seeing how LP dominates in Europe, i'd dare to say that LP currently defines and represents the european porn industry. There are plenty of small studios that are super ethical and safe.

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These studios don't have that much money to pay their performers so incidents tend to happen quite often You have swiftly shifted from rough working conditions to less pay as if there is no need to explain the connection. Hell Proxy is a director for LP and she's on the lookout for talent to shoot for LP european and american girlsperformers are going to ask her about the current state of the european porn industry, they will not ask Valentina.

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