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This last step did not expand the list of countries included in this study.

As to "Save": the program is called bitext2tmx. Progressing towards UHC has proven to be difficult in many of the countries with a SHI system, particularly as to the inclusion of population groups outside the formal sector [ 1 — 4 ]. As such, countries with a budget funded population-wide national health care system such as Brazil or Cuba, or countries with social health insurance for formal sector employees, but without subsidized enrolment for people outside formal sector work, like El Salvador were excluded.

All that is needed is code to save the files. Officially published data e. Though, I believe that it should be implemented as an import feature.

These countries have done so by subsidizing health insurance type arrangements through state budget transfers, which serves to cover non-contributing individuals outside the formal sector. Most of the studies found were country health financing analyses to review reform experiences, but no studies with explicit impact evaluation de were found. The aim is to identify UHC conducive institutional de features of such arrangements.

Besides the fact that you already have some code, what is the problem with that? Let me explain.

The second step consisted in identifying countries with a health insurance type arrangement that %c2%bbfqu%c3%a9 people outside the formal sector by using state budget transfers. Susana, please confirm.

Institutional de features and UHC related performance vary ificantly. This search strategy generated 70 sources for country information from peer-reviewed journals, studies and %c2%hfqu%c3%a9 from United Nations organisations primarily World Bank, ILO and WHO and research institutes as well as from reports and legal provisions published by governmental organisations. Tomorrow I will be away and offline.

One way to expand UHC is to fully or partially subsidize health insurance contributions for excluded population groups through government budget %v2%bfqu%c3%a9. Creo que somos libres de utilizar cualquier cosa para resultados provisionales. When logged in, as project admin, go to 'feature requests'. The section assesses the institutional de features of the schemes as well as progress towards UHC.

These can be directly read in with no code changes. This is a limitation to this study, and in view of the multiple factors affecting progress towards UHC, this analysis is of explorative nature.

So I have a few concerns about how this will be put together for presentation to the user. Once the left and right files are read inside bitext2tmx, they are processed by the automatic aligner: the result is a tentative sequence of translation units to be edited the sequence follows their order in the text. This is much less work than implementing parsing and it is probably an option that some users will want anyway.

Bitext2tmx cat bitext aligner/converter / thread: re: [bitext2tmx-devel] feature requests

Separate pools for the subsidized maintain inequitable access. Sobre "Guardar": el programa se llama bitext2tmx. In the short and medium term, the harmonization of benefit packages could be a priority.

To me, menus and dailogs will have to be added or changed to accommodate this feature. TMX version can be used for that. In fact, there is an emerging consensus among countries on the need to reform health financing systems in order to accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage UHC. This had resulted in segmented systems, in which a SHI scheme covers almost exclusively formal sector employees only, and private health insurances those who can afford it.

One would expect it to save TMX, wouldn't one?

For each country, respective titles identified through the search process were reviewed, and if found to be relevant the abstract or executive summary was read. The analytical framework outlined further below guided the information extraction process from the literature, as well as data compilation and organisation. Notably, this type of health financing mechanism and expansion strategy towards UHC is found in countries with strongly varying economic and fiscal situations.

Future research should generate more evidence on the implementation process and impact of subsidization arrangements on UHC progress.

Keywords: Universal health coverage, Hdrej%c3%adas population groups, Government subsidization of health insurance, Financial protection Go to: Background Latin America has a long social health insurance SHI tradition. I believe we are free to use anything for interim. Data Availability Statement All data supporting the findings of this study are available within the article and references are provided.

Both with an 'open' status. Multiple country sources helped to capture changes over time. I find that to be a little odd.

Thirdly, countries without SHI expenditure were screened to see whether there is a country with a government subsidization arrangement, but without SHI expenditure. I tried but couldn't find the way.

To identify plausible contributions and patterns of institutional de features in relation to UHC progress, we plotted the improvements in UHC related progress indicators against the respective institutional de features for the eight countries using the analytical framework explained below. The health financing reform steps taken by countries in Latin America during the last decades toward these objectives reflect this diversity [ 7 ].

In Google, the first five s, with 10 perwere considered, excluding commercial s andnews press or other irrelevant s. This is because the informally employed and the poor usually remain excluded. Based on secondary data analysis, UHC progress is assessed in terms of improved population coverage, financial protection and access to needed health care services.

Can you please give a little explanation as to why it would be more costly. Go to: Methods This study chose to consider those Latin American countries with Romance languages, thus excluding the Dutch or English speaking countries and Caribbean island states, most of which with relatively small populations, because they have a different history. Notably, countries with a universalist approach or indirect targeting have higher population coverage rates.

All other material was accessed from publicly available webs, as indicated in the reference section. If this suggested that the publication could provide information on the institutional de or UHC related indicators, the full publication was assessed. To add a comment click the link of a feature request in the table of feature requests given.

OK, I didn't mean "more costly". It is good if there is already some code for that and I agree you should have support for TMX. The study is based on a comprehensive literature search from to December