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As he has been all season, MacRae was a leader and prime contributor on the defensive end for New York, really giving them a boost in an area they need it most.


So, still dripping with sweat in his uniform and equipment, he got on the blower and started negotiating. Cupido also scooped up one loose ball and caused two turnovers. League-wide, he is currently tied for fourth in points and second in goals amongst transition players.

Trevor Baptiste, T, Philadelphia Wings The second-year transition player continued his hot start to season on Saturday night, contributing on both ends of the floor for the Wings in their road win over New York. Not that he's experienced, anyway. Sure enough, the one he was expecting was there. He surpassed career faceoff wins, as well.

Hence, his real-estate career. He also scooped up five loose balls and caused one turnover. Though what the wearers don't know is the secret of the on the back.

The transition player showed everyone what he is made of, providing some much-needed energy to really help get the Mammoth rolling, and igniting the crowd with his scoring ability. He flies from Hamilton to Denver - or wherever the Mammoth are that weekend - on Friday and makes it home by Sunday night.

Joey cupido covers a lot of real estate

There's a story behind it. But, it's the adrenalin that comes with this life is better than any of the other perks.

Kyle Ouellette was his name. After his hard-hitting football career and his high-speed lacrosse life, you'd think he might dinged up a bit. Once again, Ward was stellar down the stretch and helped lead Colorado in the win. But the sport is generally pretty good for taking care of the body.

Yes, it's been a good ride. He probably should've listened. It's not the only deal he's hammered out recently.

Mammoth defenseman joey cupido named nll transition player of the year

It still bugs him at times. Then, he does his real estate stuff all week and repeats the next weekend. Seeing grown men wearing sweaters with his name on the back - there are tons of those at every game - is always weird, he says.

Considered one of the most exciting players in the league for his breakaway speed leading to plenty of breakaways on transition - hence the nickname "Lightning" that's caught on around the NLL - he won the Inspirational Player of the Year Award. Most colorado.clm, perhaps, is the fact that he's never missed a game with an injury.

He is currently tied for first place in caused turnovers amongst defensemen in the Back in Grade 8, he had a close friend with whom he played hockey. His elbow, for example, isn't per cent.

He wore No. Not just because of the new contract either, though that doesn't hurt. The doctor suggested Tommy John surgery but refused.

Back in his fifth year at Mac - the year he was a finalist for the Golden Horseshoe Athlete of the Year - he dislocated the t in the season opener. Just fine, thank you very much. That popularity has led to some strange moments.

Nll memories: joey cupido | national lacrosse league

Things are so good he has no intention of stopping. The rookie recorded his first career hat trick and his second five-point game of his very young NLL career. Honouring his friend, continuing to win over the fans, hopefully celebrating championships and selling real estate. Cupido never forgot him. But nothing tops that time at the Denver airport in his second season when a guy walked up to him.

Nll team of the week: week six – lacrosse bucket

More important to him was the fact he was the winner of the team's Fan Choice Award for the second time. When the worlds collide, well, a guy does what he has to do to make it work.

The one with an offer on a home.