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Gagged utopia stories Seeking Real Dating

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Gagged utopia stories

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You said it was going to take a month to train me, what if you told them you need the entire month? Aside from securing them to the belt, they served one other purpose. In the end, you will be a cement pillar that will be sold overseas. They were not sharp enough to pierce the skin, but will leave a bevy of bruises all over.

Bondage, chastity, mummification, self-bondage stories :: gaggedutopia's story archive

The end cap was attached to a of tubes running off out of sight to the side of the bondage table Taking careful steps I headed along the dirt track towards my car wrapped in the blanket, I deliberately walked carefully since a sprained ankle, or worse, would not help, I just hoped I would get back home before gagyed It was not all that unpleasant, but knew as the day wore on that would change. The better you do, the better your rewards.

She squinted for a bit, but I could tell that her sight was coming back. Her shoulders started to kill her as she struggled onwards.

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That is what the suit is for. Once they were out, she tried to look around, but the light was too bright.

Once in a while, a slave will develop an attachment to their new masters and become instantly disobedient to the new master. Not to mention illegal, dangerous, non-consensual, etc.

Amber’s misfortune 5 by gagged utopia

Jasmine could hear pieces of trash breaki She smiled to herself thinking about her first days of cooking for her Master, when she should jump and scream when the grease bit her flesh. She knew the rules when the chastity belt was locked she was only allowed to speak when spoken to and was never to look a man in the eye. It takes about 2 days to dry, and while it does, it will compress a bit.

It has been abandoned for a while, ever since the state stopped keeping up with the maintenance.

She needed to know why. The search and tagging functionality is pretty basic, but there are some good stories if you spend the time to browse around.

He was very methodical and set in his ways, right down to what he ate for breakfast Monday mornings. I went into the woods a bit After 15 minutes utppia, Tiffany rolled up in her car.

Weekly review

Aside from the fact that she was sure to win, she thought about the possibility of losing. Once in the basement, I locked her hands above her head and her legs to a spreader bar, which locked to the floor. As she waited she thought back to how she got in this position. This gaggee another transgender orientated site.

Amber’s misfortune 5

About a month had passed and they were having dinner at his apartment and the topic of sex came up. Well at last she knew she could go to the toilet. She giggled as she looked at herself in the reflection in one of the storied hoping no one would see her but secretly hoping for the opposite to happen Realizing that she'd just made a big mistake, she tried to recover. Utopia Stories. Next was the paddle, yagged not just any paddle, this one had metal studs on it. - bdsm, self bondage, mummificat - utopia stories

It took her an hour to release herself from the tight leg sleeve having issues with the dangling cords still locked to her cuffs and the rubber mittens. Truth be told she was just trying to eliminate the boredom of waiting in the cage.

Jasmine lay in wait amongst the black gaggged bags. She picked up the leather belts and the padlock that has so recently kept her prisoner.

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I figured that it would take at least a month to get you ready, but I was not tuopia close. BoundStories As the name suggests this is a site slanted to general bondage rather than femdom. Actually Angela had brought it up. She was right. For your good servitude and truly living up to your end of the bargain, I give you a choice.