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Gay forced stories

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You must be heightweight proportionate and attractive and clean. VintageAntiques, Folk Arts, Hill Country, Lo-fi to Alt C, Tats.

Age: 35
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City: South Houston, Cooksville, Koloa, Dale County
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I had often come here to jerk off and had blown two guys in one of the stalls in the past.

I spat on my hand gaj lube up my dick and kept rubbing it till I felt good! I still hadn't cum but the entire incidence left me so horny that I just stood against the wall and started jerking off. I had known this from the past.

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I was bent over with this fucker grabbing my hands behind my back and his dick up my ass. I jerked off faster and faster and came all over the washroom stall. foeced

The guy said, "Yo B, you ready to go downlow? I don't know why.

His nose was long and smooth and he had a sparkle of lust and mischief in his eyes as he carefully stole glances at my way. I was in Dallas on a business trip, it wasn't in the best of neighborhoods, but not the worst by any stretch it was actually more of an industrial district, mostly factories and warehouses, but an occasional hotel or burger agy.

I hastily dressed on with my briefs, levis, a t-shirt, and a jacket. As he shoved it down deeper and deeper, I could smell his cock and balls with the musky smell they carry and he said, "you are going to be my bitch for the next 10 minutes pussy boy so shut the fuck up and suck it" I started stoies on it.

Gay forced sex stories

It was one of the best fucks I have had as a university student and I still frequent that washroom to hope that I run into him again. I dragged out of bed and fed myself.

One of forces employees Jim and I were staying in one room and another employee Mike was storles in another due to his excessive snoring. I bent down to see who it was but could only see black reeboks with baggy jeans slowly coming down. I was glad that the stall was dark or the guy would have seen my flushed face. It was a gloomy day with dark clouds taking the joy out of life. After that he quickly cleaned up and walked out of the stall and exited the washroom.

I stood there. I stood against the wall and whipped out my cock. I took the stairwell and by third floor I smelled something odd.

Forced sex in library

I pushed him out, "use a condom" but he slapped me across my face, bent me over gaj pushed even harder. Watching the other stall with my cock slowly becoming limp in my hand. The foot slided to my side of the stall to indicate if I was interested. I walked towards the stall in the end and said to myself "my god, i could get raped in here and no body would hear a thing".

Gay forced stories

He began to finger ass as soon as he turned me around. His dick was 7" with a nice girth.

I had to make sure my feet were vertically facing the front door and not horizontally facing the other stall. He pulled my hair and pushed it back on his cock and made me gag several times. It is a rather large structure reminsicent of s Brutalist architecture.

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I could hear him snickering with his friend outside who was probably on guard while this whole thing happened. I quickly cleaned myself up and exited the washroom stall. His skin was tanned with a smooth face. Forded slapped his dick across my face to get the rest of the cum out as he said "you like that bitch boy My heart skipped a beat. He came in, shut the door, and pushed me onto my knees. focred

Gay forced sex stories post : a gay sex

I walked down the hallway to discover a on the elevator forcee. He would occassionaly slap me on my face and make me gag faster. It must have been 30 seconds but it felt like an eternity.

His deep, low voice sent a chill through my body again. I had lost my voice.

I was staying in one of those hotels, not a bad one either. He was about 5'9", lean, primly dressed, with spiky hair that shined at different angles. I slowly opened it to make sure this was all legit.

He bent me over the toilet and began to finger me even harder using several fingers at the same time. In this quiet space with very few individuals making the effort to come to the library this early in the day, I was alone and horny.

Rape gay stories

He finally pushed his head up my ass. I had never been more turned on in my life and I could still feel him up my ass. My half-deaf room mate wouldn't wake up if God himself came down and ordered her to do so. He didn't let mee speak but the act itself drove me wild and horny.

I was semi-hard and started to rub my cock when I heard the some noises outside. The elevator was out of order and I had to take the stairs out of my apartment building. They had clean rooms and a well lit parking lot.