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Greeks in montreal

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Four Brothers, Sakaris, and PA to name a few changed their look to accommodate the increased clientele and moved to larger spaces.

30 struggles of growing up greek in montreal

Ih grow up with so much miscommunication that it makes it impossible to stand one another. They were able to work, shop and play in a Greek environment and very rarely needed English or French unless they had to deal with government business.

Without question. The attitude of the new Greek immigrants was live in Canada for five years then go back to Greece with money and reestablish their lives in the old country. Monyreal new immigrant was yearning for food products from Greece and the one or two corner grocers that carried Greek products around at the time were not sufficient to meet demand. They wanted their children to be ready for the return home so teaching them the village dances the village vreeks and foods was primordial in their thoughts.

My father having an aversion to living in homes others had lived in found a multiplex which was just built near St. Their aim was to help Greek workers get around the language barrier, fill out applications for new employment, guide them around labour laws, and help them with the bureaucracy of dealing with Unemployment Insurance. Michel and Rosemont. They also missed the company of their compatriots from the village and so formed non-profit associations to be with one another.

Soon there was a new culture of Greeks i were not trying to assimilate greeke Montreal Canadian society but rather they preferred to live in a ghetto-like environment which could be called Little Greece.

Greek canadians - wikipedia

And like most cultures we most certainly have our moments. You have at least 4 cousins with the same first and last montreall as yourself. With this in mind and with the noblest of causes defense of the poor an association called The Association of Workers and Employees. This prompted many families to stay in their new Canadian home.

Greeks in montreal

Discover the history of Park Ex, from to In fact it was this dichotomy which resulted in the high level of organization and political involvement of the local Greeks which as a side effect created the Government subsidized Greek Day Schools and other Quebec-recognized Greek organizations such as the Hellenic Congress of Quebec and Canada. You simply do not buy Olive Oil at a grocery store. First conditions were not improving in Greece as severe drought was impeding the return to farming and in the political situation came to a head with the coup of the Colonels and with them curtailing rights of the citizen in Greece.

Your parents speak minimal English so it is your civil duty to make sure all their paperwork is in order including their passports. These were the shows I learned my French with. Now this is where things get interesting. And yes, my father does think every English word is derived from the Greek language.

They started their own associations their own restaurants, nightclubs and even multiplied their of Greek cinemas.

Every geeeks gathering, regardless of age, your aunts and grandmothers are trying to convince you to let them find you a husband. At this point I feel the need to post a disclaimer. It is a fact that many workers were employed by past immigrants who had become successful in Canada. Since this attracted a left wing element they soon came to loggerhe with the Hellenic Community.

The two options at this point were to either bring the grandparents from Greece to raise the children or to send the young ones back to Greece to be raised monteal their grandparents. In montrfal eyes of some in the Workers Association these people that were running things at the Community were also the ones that were exploiting their workers. This made them a natural enemy of the Greek Orthodox Church around which the Hellenic Community was based.

Hellenic community of greater montreal

The Cretan Association for example had a couple of rooms above their club house where new arrivals could get a place to sleep and food to eat while they established themselves in the new environment. Since there were so many immigrants in factory and unskilled service jobs such as cleaners, waiters, dishwashers, it was soon realized that exploitation grekes workers was likely an issue. We take our religion seriously. At one point, you were definitely overweight.

Even going to see a doctor it was only necessary to speak English if going to Emergency since there were many Greek family doctors available.

Greek canadians

Each could boast at least active members. And so we got four Greek movie theaters, half a dozen night clubs montreql live music, restaurants serving purely Greek cuisine and a myriad of cafenia coffee houses. Since both parents had to work and so have no time for their children, the new immigrants needed help in raising them.

All comments are from verified facts and experiences.

They assisted in orienting Greeks in their new land and helped them to become good Canadian citizens. The of Greeks in Montreal increased from 3, to 15 times that in A new monfreal was created.

Where to get great greek food in montreal

They raised money by holding annual dances and small gatherings similar to spaghetti dinners over the course of greeis year synaistiasis. Local organizations were not equipped to handle the inordinate of new immigrants. Picture a 10 year-old translating for his mother at the gynecologist not in the examination room but in the office afterwards Of that, there are ib 62, Greeks in the Greater Montreal Area.

Settings. These displaced Greeks started a mass exodus from Greece and many ended up in Canada.

Entrepreneurs were quick to provide. Photo by Christinne Muschi for The Globe and Mail Although Greeks had a presence in Montreal for many decades, in fact from the end of the 19th century, there was a great influx of new immigrants starting from the major earthquake that hit the Ionian Islands in And most Montrealers would go to the Monastery in Brownsburg to baptize the cross in a river.

Montreal’s best greek restaurants and bakeries - eater montreal

I do not attempt to take sides on the matter but rather to record events that changed the life of Greeks living in Montreal. So even though I was not allowed to go to a French Catholic school the motnreal were strict then not catholic no French school I managed to learn my French on the streets. New arrivals started as unskilled labourers in the shops run by Canadians and other immigrants who had arrived long before them and graduated to opening their own shops and businesses.

As a first-born generation in Canada with parents born between andmy experience growing up in Canada is an amusement in itself. Montreal is home to over 40 different nationalities. And these same ggeeks were administering the Hellenic Community. Or, when all your gifts are bracelets of the Mati because you need the protection from the evil eye.