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There were so many people there. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their latjn. A strict citywide curfew was complicating efforts by mortuary workers and funeral homes to remove bodies, Wated said in a nationally televised address this week.

The Spanish military found elderly patients in care homes abandoned and dead in their beds. This is overwhelming.

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In local news s, videos shared on social media and telephone interviews, officials, aid workers and others in the poverty-stricken metropolis are reporting fly-covered bodies on sidewalks and corpses left inside homes for days. With daytime temperatures topping 90 degrees in a city where many live with no air conditioning, some grieving families saw little option but to carry days-old corpses outside.

He has virus symptoms, too. The Italian army has mobilized to haul cadavers out of devastated Bergamo after the crematorium there was overwhelmed.

Viteri has confirmed that she, too, has caught the virus. Authorities in Iran have dug mass graves.

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Hospitals were quickly overwhelmed. But he also braced locals for worse — warning that the death toll could reach 3, dead in the Guayaquil region alone. Getty ImagesGetty Images 13 of 15 Shakira Perhaps all the years of sexy, seductive belly dance moves is what keeps Layin body irresistible.

It took Logacho five days to find a funeral home willing and able to handle the corpse. He urged the citizens of the city to adhere bodiee a lockdown and curfew. Dante Logacho described taking his wife to a hospital.

Valdiviezo, a year old seafood worker, said the body had lain out in the tropical heat for six days. Getty ImagesGetty Images 14 of 15 Sofia Vergara If there was an award for the most amazing boobs in the universe, Sofia Vergara would definitely be crowned by now.

Load Error Now he lay in front of his home, one of an untold of bodies cast out in the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador, a sweltering South American city being ravaged by the novel coronavirus. Haven't you noticed that anything Selena Gomez ever bodirs looks so freaking good on her?

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Guayaquil could be a harbinger of things to come as the pandemic reachers more deeply into the ill-prepared developing world. The body was wrapped in a plastic tarp, swollen, already attracting flies. Because our health system is the same one we had before the pandemic, a health system that in the midst of a pandemic has collapsed. Getty ImagesGetty Images 15 of 15 Our very first cover girl Zoe Saldana looks like one of those women who can pig out on chicarrones all day without any consequence!

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Analysts say several factors have contributed to the outsized impact of the coronavirus on Guayaquil. The outbreak has struck faster than Guayaquil can cope. Some impoverished workers there initially put their bodiss to continue earning a living ahead of calls for social distancing. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

In Guayaquil, you also have areas with no basic services, really small housing units and denser living.