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How to love your wife like christ loved the church I Look For Man

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How to love your wife like christ loved the church

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3 ways to love your wife like jesus

But she will not be over. Especially when it comes loevd the words of Jesus Himself. Will you even recognize her in that day for all her splendor, for all her perfection? You, my friend, have the joy of helping her toward that great day. He gives us gifts and puts us in places for those gifts to flourish. From that point on, I repent, listen, and do everything I can to ensure that my wife feels heard, respected, and validated.

She exists first for Ho. Your wife could be an excellent encourager, bible study leader, teacher, mentor, leader, or writer. And now I present her to you. Being with your wife goes way deeper. Think of your wife from a higher position; think of her as Christ thinks of the church: as complete, as made perfect, as chosen by God. Ask questions to ensure chhurch conversation goes as deep as it needs to go, this is where you develop intimacy. The morning after a ificant fight between my wife and I.

Jesus modeled how he wants husbands to love their wives

I can run to Christ not because He provides a strong tower, but because He is one. Through Him, we are made holy, righteous, and acceptable to God. The privilege is ours to rule our home. In essence, kingship undeniably belongs to the husband.

What did jesus do?

He listens chhurch us and loves intimacy with us. We must follow His example and serve. Yes, she has been set apart to you, but only so you can help her be ever-more set apart to God. Love her with a sanctifying love that is committed to setting her apart for the great purpose God has for her. Besides, how often do you desire compassion and chyrch from your wife?

This parallel restores the balance; if it should seem hard for the wife to churcg in subjection, the spirit of love, Christ-like love, on the part of the husband makes the duty easy. You need to speak truth to your wife, to lead her to the Word of God, to remind her of those precious gospel truths, to pray with her, to worship with her.

3 ways to love your wife like jesus

In another age, its indifference to the lost led to failure in spreading the gospel. There is something about the feet! His rule is peculiar in that He models leadership by serving. We must think of her as Christ does the church. In the middle ages, its pursuit of the lost led to the atrocity of the Crusades. That is his great goal and he longs for that day. Consider what God might want to do with her, in her, and through her.

5 ways to love your wife like christ loves the church - men sharpening men

In that, we have our living model for likee we are to love our wives. Are you willing to make those day-by-day sacrifices? Each of us is known by our names and roles.

Will you let go of some of your dreams so she can achieve hers? Think about it, what can she ever do that is worse than what you ohw done to God.

The laundry, the dishes, raising the kids, cleaning the house — all of that is both of yours and being with her means that each of you share the responsibility. This is not a difficult burden but a tremendous honor. Try setting aside at least 15 minutes each day to make eye contact, listen to, and develop intimacy with your wife. Let me tease that out under these headings.

How to love your wife as christ loved the church - tim challies

Through these select verses, take a look at what He thinks of the church. It falls to you to lead the way in holiness, to lead the way in love, in character, in worship, in repentance, in maturity. Lead boldly, yet serve. Churcb awaits the day when he will present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.

Is your love for real? It is far better to actually be faithful than it is simply to refrain from extra-marital activity. It has bungled both its doctrine and its practice. He is in charge … the undisputed leader of the church.

And every night I face the same appalling battle. And gave himself for it.

Wedding ceremonies are occasions of great joy, but even then there is always just a hint of sorrow because we need to acknowledge from the very beginning that there will be an end. It was a struggle for him because he was unable to focus on her for that length of time. Christ, too, has names and roles, each of which reflects a different facet of His being. If you want to connect with her, rub those feet!