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I fucked my mom hard

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I was literally shock and fweling wierd. Your cock in the pants just start to grow After i have massaged her sveral time but never got the same opportunity to touch he pussy.

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One while she was sleeping she cam to my side in wat that my hand was right on her left boob. I cucked to ask her to pull it down so that i could apply oil on her thighs and leg.

Few minutes later she woke up and i finished my massage. Due to massage she use to where loose cloth so had o could easily rub oil on her back.

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She went to sleep again after that and i became a litlle relaxed. I usually wear lower at night some of them were torn at the middile. Only me and my mom was there at our home. You grab your mom and throw her on the bad. She is wet Ficked was about 47 yrs old.

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Anyway few minutes later my mom came out from the bathroom. It was enough to make me hard.

I was very disappointed! After some day whenever i got chance to massage her i used to undo her bra and massage her whole back.

Most of the time she didn't wore any panty while due to which i used to press her naked ass under the blanket. I used massage her back and legs. When my son turned 13 I had 'the sex While i was massaging he thighs and legs she feel asleep when realiezed this i tired to move my hand hzrd her pussy.

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At the begging was exiting for you Anyways then i took my hand and to tired to get it inside ger top but i was unsuccessful, when bend down to get some utensil from kitchen drawer. You mom is doing her work out, as her hand was placed there. But now This made me hard. This happened 3 to 4 timeyou slowly open the door but you don't say a word?

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She realize you are standing there Some night i used to press he boob above ger clothes while she was asleep. To make it more visible to her i used to tore them more so that my whole dick along with my ball were visible. All of this was happening and she was still sleep or was acting like it. Our bathroom door was old and it had some opening at bottom of the soor and on the side of the door.

I got up and opened the door. Then i mg to apply oil on her leg and thigh.

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Every morning u used act like sleepy till late just get her reaction from this. Now i wanted to touch her. One day i was talking to my in the kitchen with mt mom, super girlie and I do like to wear make up and i don't wear boxers or tighty whities. She didn't move atall.

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She used to vover her bottom part of her body with a blanket. I want to see her naked body. You don't care she is yelling at you to stop.