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I Looking Dating Is it ok to vent to your best friend about relationship

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Is it ok to vent to your best friend about relationship

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Any issue I'm having with my partner, with my friends, or with my life gets aired out to my closest friends.

11 sneaky side effects of venting too much about your relationship

It can help to speak with a friend who doesn't know your partner, Terry says. Relatipnship friend can only speak from their experiences and what they would do in any given situation. The last thing you want to do is vent to someone who isn't rooting for your relationship, and create an even more confusing situation. Frequently, drama le to more drama without any resolution.

'i'll never vent to a friend about my relationship again—here's why' | women's health

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on thisbut we only feature products we believe in. Usually when you are sharing a story with them you are speaking from an emotional place. While the old school way of thought think that talking about your relationship is somehow betraying your partner's trust, venting to your friends can actually be a good thing. As such, they might be quick to tell you to break-up with your love to avoid pain and heartache.

Venting about your relationship: helpful or harmful?

Use the social media share buttons below to spread the knowledge. You now feel silly. Deidra A.

So early in my dating life, I often used my girls as outlets and vice versa. And without the proper context—a couple arguments, splayed against the backdrop of an otherwise happy relationship—she started to develop a view of my S. Erin K.

Venting about your relationship: helpful or harmful? - couples therapy

They offer us caring, honest feedback, even when it might hurt. But it can also be incredibly destructive.

But unfortunately it's not always wise to dish to your friends about every little thing that's happening in your relationship. But while you may move on, keep in mind that abot you vented to now has that information.

Why venting about your relationship can actually be a good thing

Check out the list below to find out why your friends aren't always the best judge of character when it comes to finding your soulmate. Even if you've moved past whatever you were venting about, it can be very hard to undo their negative opinion, after hearing your anguish and pain, Dr.

Jenna Birch Jenna Birch is a Michigan-based freelance health and lifestyle journalist, covering topics ranging from general health and nutrition to beauty and psychology. In fact, if you just need to get something off your chest, or ask for a quick piece of relationship frend, venting can be frend good thing.

But turn it into a habit, and you may find yourself feeding off your own negative energy, and inadvertently going down a toxic road.

But if you do decide to turn to a friend, be clear on what you want the outcome of the conversation to be. If all that your friends hear about your relationship are your problems, they have no other choice but to perceive your partner in a negative light.

You want your friends to like your partner and bestt do too! As Freire says, "That 'shoot from the hip' advice may not take into the full picture.

Karin Anderson Abrell tells Bustle. For one, they aren't in it with you. Just … besr. If you're facing an ongoing issue, however, and you can't stop talking about it, i'll be "important to discuss these feelings with your partner or with a professional," Charese L.

8 signs you don't need to vent to a friend, you need therapy

Will you be happy with yourself if you share all of his shortcomings with your friends? You need someone who is going to be on your side no matter what.

Second, there is someone that you can vent to vet wild abandon without having to worry about the consequences… a therapist! If you notice that they are agreeing with everything you say, or only viewing your partner in abour negative way, it may be time to take a step back. Because, at that point, discussing it further with anyone else will probably only lead to more issues, including some of the negative side effects listed below.

Abrell says, if you can't talk to your friends then who can you talk to? If the friend you trust the most to vent too is dealing with a lot in her own personal life, you should probably talk relationshi a therapist rather than her because she might not have the emotional strength at the moment to handle your issues as well as her own. So, here's why venting about your relationship is actually a good thing — because pretending everything is perfect all the time really isn't a great option.

Why venting about your relationship can actually be a good thing

So, any time they hear a story of someone doing you wrong they automatically get upset. In fact, I think I cried.

A therapist will be an impartial bset with no hidden agenda and absolutely no judgment. Since this can result in the giving of unhelpful advice, "it might be best to talk about your relationship challenges with one or two people who know both sides of the situation, rather than just one side of the situation," Freire says.