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C riders supported by our friends and patrons, to learn how to support emcee writer and get access to the field guide go to dot com slash support it. This motorcycle as smoothly as possible without causing the force to compress a lot or causing the motorcycle to get off balance so it's a good time to start working on that front bright technique and that smooth, Progressive squeeze of that front brake remember you have to squeeze that clutch Jim know to remove all power from the rear wheel If you don't feel comfortable turning a motorcycle, yet here's an option you can shift the bike in to neutral and you can turn the motorcycle by walking around or strata walking to get you pointed back in the correct direction Once you get it turned around continue working on this technique giving a little bit of throttle release in the clutch, just enough to get the motorcycle to pull.

Mcrider app – the mcrider field guide – mcrider

What you're trying to do here is stop. One, it allows patrons to tell me what they're struggling with and what they need to ugide on. At the end of the post, Kevin embedded a YouTube video that is set to start at the min mark — which is when he demonstrates the exercise — whenever you press play. And I can see people responding to those questions, which tells me where the greatest needs are. Discourse also sends an digest like the one below: If you prefer, you can even push notifications to your mobile phone or desktop.

Thumbs up! I especially like his way of teaching, a little laid back but always worth listening to. I appreciate your calm, conservative style and approach to riding.

And I found I was spending a lot of time just to answer one-off questions instead of being able to develop videos. But the material he taught — with safety skills taking priority — was something he cared about deeply. The campaign grew slowly mcrider/filed first, but experienced rapid growth after the launch of two features: The MCrider "Field Guide," a collection of instructional information and activities examples to follow The MCrider forum powered by Discourse.

For me, when I ride I remember the videos and information that I have learned. If you want to grant admin privileges to a user, you can do so from your settings tab, which looks like this: Tier-based Access to Forum One aspect of the Patreon Discourse mcrkder/field that Kevin loves is the ability not only to gate access to the forum itself but to grant access to specific based on tier.

I'm gonna keep emphasizing that you wanna break that habit early on a looking down at the controls are down at the road. I especially like his way of teaching, a little laid back but always worth listening to. Your weekly video helps me renew my vow to my wife, ride safe and come home alive. mcroder/field

Being a part of this group allows me to continue learning safety and developing the skills to continue riding. Kevin Morris, the creator behind MCrider. Thanks to the Patreon-Discourse integration, new patrons get unique forum information automatically.

Everybody used the same username and password," he explained. Keep up the excellent work.

Mcrider app – the mcrider field guide

It starts with no preconceived ideas of knowledge coming into the class. At the top of the home bar, there is a button for unread posts circled above.

Today, MCrider has more than 2, patrons who use the forum. Over twenty people went with him to the talk, including one rider who came all the way from New Mexico just to meet Kevin mcriderf/ield the other patrons who attended.

Mcrider field guide and forums – mcrider

The field guide is much easier to navigate now than before, even on mobile devices — which is how the guide is most often accessed. How to Stay on Top of Posts Kevin has never had trouble keeping track of new posts and queries. Thank you for everyone sharing your experience and especially Kevin for providing a platform for all of us to share.

I've only been riding a few months, and could have avoided the one spill I had if I'd watched more of your videos beforehand!

Your perspective in this video is very needed. So, he took to the internet. Ernst Bacani The McRider videos and forum have underlined that practicing strategies and techniques to reduce close calls and keep the rubber side down is essential and is keeping me out of trouble.

Feeling grateful. Get Yourself Some Admins Over time, Kevin enabled admin access to a handful of riding instructors who stepped up to help him answer questions.

For me, when Huide ride I remember the videos and information that I have learned. You add a lot of values to riders of all levels.

How mcrider uses discourse to facilitate an active community of 2,+ patrons

JoeS Great video. After a brief stint blogging, he started an instructional channel on YouTube in October A few weeks ago, he invited patrons to meet up in Dallas, Texas to hear a former motorcycle gang enforcer talk about how he turned his life around. You across the parking, lot and continue working on that mcricer/field application of the front brake to get the motorcycle stop as smoothly as possible so keep working on this technique until you got it down until it's all second nature and until you can be really smooth on ugide clutch throttle and brakes to get the motorcycle respond smoothly, as well from here on out will be riding the Cycle for the second part of this exercise will start out just like we did before police that clutch into the friction zone give a little bit of gas and want your speed is up put your feet up on the pegs and the floorboards.

A lot of times, I don't even have to answer the question anymore, and it's taken a big load off of me," Kevin explained. Please keep up the good work.