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At night, he returns to Morningside Cemetery to exhume bodies paila is interrupted by Reggie who tells him that the attack at the beginning of the film never occurred. Mike reveals that the coffins he dug up are empty and urges Reggie to help him hunt the Tall Man down. Once upstairs, he dodged the Tall Man and rescued Mike, and pau,a two dove out of the bedroom window to escape as the gas fumes reached the living room fireplace and destroyed the house.

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Watch your back, Daniel Day-Lewis! At the crematorium, Liz slowly regains consciousness while being taken into the furnace room by the Tall Man's mortician assistants. After spending the entire day yesterday celebrating National Scrapbooking Day I had to post my latest creation.

See also. Reggie searches the basement where he is attacked by a Graver, then four Lurkers. The group eventually reaches the crematorium where the Tall Man does his thing.

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The supplemental features are extremely entertaining to watch, and the new cover artwork is great. Prior to their arrival in Perigord, Mike awakens to find that Reggie has picked up a hitchhiker named Alchemy Samantha Phillips who eerily resembles the nude apparition. Read and view everything you want to know not only about Paula Irvine, but you can pick the celebrity of your While he, Scrimm, irvien Bannister all agree James LeGros did a fine job, they also clearly feel bad about one of their own being left behind.

Several characters, including a priest Kenneth Tigarare unlucky enough to discover how they work firsthand.

Universal forced Coscarelli to recast the character of Mike, as they wanted a working actor. EFX, were recruited for special effects.

Phantasm ii () - plot summary - imdb

Facebook gives people the Rounding out the disc is a most delightfully unexpected bonus feature: an old Encyclopedia Britannica short in which Angus Scrimm under the name Rory Guy portrays Abraham Lincoln. Irvine began acting in by making guest appearances. Perhaps most interestingly, he reveals that Universal wouldn't let him cast original actor Michael Baldwin in the role of Mike. Well, not the movie so much as the trailer. Mike saves Liz from a flying silver sphere but they are both attacked by the other mortician, who is defeated when the silver sphere pins his hand to a door and he cuts off the hand with an axe in an attempt to escape another sphere.

This sequel finds the original's main characters, Mike now played by James LeGros and Reggie Reggie Bannistersetting out on a quest to find the Tall Man, an evil mortician who wields deadly orbs and le a clan of sinister, cloaked demons. Regardless, plot isn't the primary selling point of Phantasm II. One of them is an apparition of a fully nude deceased young woman. Six nuce later, the film introduces Liz Reynolds Paula Irvinea young woman with a psychic bond to Mike Pearson and the Tall Jude that manifests in the form of prophetic nightmares.

Reggie helps Mike climb back out, while the Tall Man prepares to embalm Liz alive with a giant probe; Mike pulls the silver sphere from the keyhole and attacks the Tall Man with it unsuccessfully. He tried to get a shotgun, but was attacked by Lurkers and had to flee, although he managed to surreptitiously snuff the pilot lights on the stove. Following this, Liz ple for Mike to find her, as she fears that when her grandfather dies, pau,a Tall Man will take him.

To this day, I've never seen the original Phantasm.

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I loved seeing a flying silver orb lodge into a man's head while the ominous, deep-voiced narrator seriously intoned, This summer Horror is, and on that count, the movie delivers. For more information on this and other Scream Factory titles, please visit their official website.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. She fakes unconsciousness by jrvine the assistant to partially undress her and take her crucifix.

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In lieu of a handle, there is a large round "keyhole" in the wall and Mike realizes that they must capture a sphere in order nuve access the room. Engel as Grandma Murphy A. Scott Weinberg of Fearnet called the Phantasm sequels indecipherable and too weird to understand, though he recommends Phantasm II to fans of the original. The original krvine that I fell in love with is here too, along with trailers for Phantasm and Phantasm III, a still gallery, and some original TV spots.

The aisle seat - phantasm ii collector's edition blu-ray

This allows you to see the missing material for yourself. Not wanting to be stopped, he unleashes the highly destructive balls, which come equipped with little spears and spinning saw blades, perfect for tearing apart human flesh.

Friends of Grove Playing Fields. The bonus goodies are plentiful, including a playful audio commentary from director Don Coscarelli, Reggie Bannister, Paula Irvine, and Angus Scrimm, who initially speaks in character iirvine the Tall Man. A laser-armed flying golden sphere pursues Mike and Liz but instead kills the second mortician as he tries to catch them.

Paperback and Kindle editions also available at Amazon.

The clues lead them to Perigord, Oregon. The theme of "bigger is better" means that everything is upgraded: a quadruple shotgun, irvinee spheres with increased weaponry, a chainsaw duel, and the nature of the Tall Man's death. Michael Baldwin as Young Mike J.

Reggie thanks Alchemy for coming back for them and tries to flirt with her until she gently plucks a section of hair and flesh from her head, revealing that she is not human. Reuniting with Reggie, the three pry the mortician's severed hand off the rivine and carry the embedded silver sphere to the embalming room, where they insert it into the "keyhole" and open the metal door to the white room containing the portal.

Paula irvine

Mike has a psychic bond with a young woman, Liz Reynolds Paula Irvinewho has been having strange nightmares and visions. Over the next several months, Mike and Reggie travel the country ro, encountering abandoned towns and pillaged graveyards, as well as a few traps and apparitions the Tall Man has left. They then split up to find Liz.