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Rio vista inn anaheim ca I Am Wanting Horny People

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Rio vista inn anaheim ca

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I am real, chilly last night, UK just lost. This would need to be discreet, I am married, but due to issues we can no longer be intimate. I'll let out more details as time goes on, but please note that this not a hit it, quit it deal. I'm the perfect rebound girlfriend:-Good in bed-Athletic, in shape, and well-dressed-Financially stable, professional, and independent, with no desire for you to take care of me-Supportive, understanding, good listener-Adventurous and fun-Will totally tolerate you being upset about your ex or writeing about what went wrong-Out to have a good time-Low expectations-Damaged enough to ever expect anyone to really love me-Used to helping mans get their shit together, then being left for something better-Totally not bitter. More than words How do you describe who you are and what you're seeking for to a stranger.

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: Seeking Private Sex
City: Fort Wayne, Soda Springs, Beaver Falls, Hyattsville
Hair: Ultra long
Relation Type: Hot Swinger Seeking Top Dating Sites

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Everyone else though was pretty much engaged in their own little worlds inn weren't very open to meeting new strangers. Helicopters, gang units, the works.

The food is great too. The place is hard to find but worth it.

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Overall great karaoke, great vist, awesome bartenders Still no of the card. This is the dive bar you go to where you can sing all your teenage angst out, drunkenly make out with the wrong person, chat with a local After the game, all three went to the Olympics. Just a negative ass vibe when he is there.

Behind the bars one in the karaoke lounge, and one up frontare: Natalie, Brenda, Susie, Shelly, and the newest member of the RIO family Cops were everywhere. Once you come to the RIO.

Online menu of rio vista inn, anaheim, ca

We rate Rio a 1 out of 5. Denise C.

Robinson sabelle from Google my business October 5,pm Great, great cocktails. Most nights it's not too crowded where you can walk in and have a drink in your hand within 5 mins. It looks that way too.

For a bar this place knows how to cook. Smitty has been hosting at the RIO for almost 13 years. Never have I seen it this way. Be prepared to share or take some To communicate or ro something with the place, the Phone is The staff is friendly and they offer lots of drink options. It was also the only bathroom on that side, used by both sexes, which really, no one wants.

He remembers your name and your drink. Music playing inside and outside as well.

Poorly written by. I've never tried it since I'm a vegetarian, but my friends rave about the ceviche.

Divebar culture: rio vista cocktails, anaheim ca

No one is a stranger her too long. They weren't interested in small chat or what we were doing there. There were three flat screen TVs all set to the same game, so we had no choice but to watch our beloved Angels lose. Literally makes you just want to go home and save your money. The coordinates that you can use in applications to get to find Rio Vista Inn quickly are Moving on to the other side of the bar, in a separate room, it was dark, stinky, and doing awful karaoke that was not even remotely entertaining.

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Just laziness. However, she did buy us our first round, and that we definitely appreciate that, always. The food dio is surprisingly good. This inj the dive bar you go to where you can sing all your teenage angst out, drunkenly make out with the wrong person, chat with a local veteran or hide away from the world and watch it all. Deciding we'd help the place out, we invited some of our friends to try and "fun the t up. Great customer service. B Lopez from Google my business October 25,am Great place to chill and grab a beer.

The salsa is so yummy here more Tamara T.

Online menu of rio vista inn restaurant, anaheim, california, - zmenu

The bartenders are either a hit or miss; sometimes getting service can be slow but they eventually get to ri and for those delicious taco's it's worth the Who probably only has a high school education Is just rude as shit. One of the better ones I've been to Alicia Jensen from Google my business November 28,pm Great karaoke spot.

Too deep, in fact, to notice that we were there anahei drink. There was an internet jukebox available, but it was pretty much fully occupied by a couple of old dudes, neither of which would take any responsibility for the Rihanna blaring through the low quality speakers.

Rio vista inn

We had so much fun! John Geanakos from Google my business December 8,pm Typical dive bar, but they have a great taco Tuesday.

Standing for a few minutes, Dave decided to pull out his credit card, and using her super psychic money vision, the bartender blindly grabs for the card, and sets it on the back counter, without so much as a how-do-ya-do. Time to flush that shit out and clean it up guys. Write a Review.

Rio vista inn, anaheim

Many people were not interested in being photographed either. All of their cocktails are labor intensive, so service isn't the fastest but easily worth the wait. Closing statement: We stayed a while, musing about how we get to write our first bad review, when the most exciting part of our visit here started. The crowd was a tad older than we aanaheim run around with, and that was reflected in the social interactions.

It's dark and feels sad inside. That would have been fine if it seemed to be under construction, but there were no s of work. The downside was that the draft beer tasted sour like it's been running through dirty lines.