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Honestly, just like all other initiations, if I find you attractive or I feel a click with you I will continue the convo to texthangout. FLR-SOULMATE how hard is ses find one Hello Ladies i believe in woman Domination and all Ladies should be worshiped, i am waiting for a woman Led Relationship i am a submissive male waiting to serve a Dominant Lady or Ladies hoping that someday i find my Soulmate Owner Wife i will serve others until i find Her i have been married once for 10 years, i have no children i don't look or feel my age 56 i would make a good sub stofy, i know my place i am waiting to be Your maid, or slave i will stogy all household chores, odd jobs,scrub floors and toilets i would Pamper, Worship, and Obey at all times. Be you. I have blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, and a slim build.

Age: 47
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I wanted her to wear more revealing clothes, and to show off doctlr of her body. My wife started blushing and it seemed like she was starting to like the attention she was getting from him. I knelt sdx the base of the bed and lowered my head toward her crotch. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that my wife had told me good things about him and that I was glad to have him as her doctor.

He told her to relax her muscles as he inserted the finger all the way in and rolled it around inside her.

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He continued to check for about a minute. He continued thrusting harder, occasionally stopping to catch his breath. I did not tell her that I had picked out the doctor for her. She gradually calmed down and he stood up. As he inserted his fingers for a second time, Sarah could feel her muscles contracting, but he withdrew them just as quickly.

He would spend much time cuddling with her, and would usually fuck her in the morning as I lay next to them watching. From then onwards, we saw him on several weekends. She acted like she was grossed out, but he stofy her hold his cock and pump him until the last few drops came out.

It was very exciting for me to watch my wife with another guy, especially an older white guy who really seemed to get off on doing it with a shy, married Indian girl. He told her that she would probably enjoy sex more after we stop using condoms, because she would be able to feel it better. The blouse reached just below her breasts and her midriff was bare.

He maneuvered one finger into her groove and after sliding up and down a few times he located her hole and poked it in. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body. Doc Sauter added a second finger and then started to finger fuck her, she went ballistic and in just a few seconds she was writhing in ecstasy and cumming big time. She was wearing a sari in the photo.

His cock was very stiff and pointed almost straight up with a prominent pink head. My wife was so embarrassed she covered her face with her hands, but we ignored her.

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She had a slim, tight body and never failed to get attention from men wherever she went. She started squirming and it was clear that he had a finger or two in her pussy. My wife blushed upon hearing this and she seemed pleased to hear the compliment. She followed the nurse down the corridor wondering whether she could still go through with it.

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After he was done, he helped her get down from the table. He looked disapprovingly at my wife, and she started stammering an apology.

He explained that he was going to examine her cervix. My wife visited him several more times but she never made an appointment for her physical.

On Category: Couple Tags: cuntdoctorfinger fuck Savita bhabhi stoyr seduces and manages to have sex with the young doctor during the treatment while her husband was in the next room! It seemed that she had waxed or shaved her legs especially well for her exam, because she did not have a single hair visible anywhere. I could tell that my wife was very excited and she seemed to tremble at his touch. He could feel himself losing control as his passion built up to such a pitch, and he docctor back, not wanting it to be over.

Sighing with satisfaction, he eased himself up and looked at HIS watch.

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It felt incredibly good but as he was really getting into it, his nurse Marsha burst into the room. I fucked her with long strokes as she lifted her hips esx the bed to accept each of my thrusts. As part of the transfer, I had to switch to a new HMO and had to select a primary doctor for my wife stlry I. He then got a speculum and gradually inserted it in her while holding her pussy lips apart with the other hand. She then re-adjusted her sari and sat on the couch next to where we were sitting.

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To my surprise, he took me up on the offer. I guess this was his way of asking my permission to fuck her. She then ran to the bathroom to clean up, and came back after a while with a damp cloth and wiped off the cum and her juices from his cock. My wife seemed to be in another world altogether, and was responding to his touches with giggles and moans that seemed to swx him even more.

He was starting to go soft again, but he asked her to continue to lick his cock till he was hard again. Her whole body was twitching as she was anxious for his mouth to devour her warm pink taco. I savored the taste of her delicious juices as I shared her pleasure, my face buried in her wet pussy.

Soon the whole thing turned into a frenzy and his balls were beginning to ache as he could feel his cum stirring atory of them. Usually she had to suck him for sometime to get him up. Her pussy was very smooth and cleanly shaven, which is the way she usually kept it. Is your husband doing anything differently when you two are being intimate that might be causing this problem?

The blouse was cut low in the front as well, and a little bit of her cleavage was visible. He also asked her to schedule a complete physical, but she was nervous about it and kept postponing it. He said that he was fond of Indian food, and would like to try her cooking sometime. He was surprised that there were no buttons or snaps to hold it in place, and gently lifted the end of the sari that was covering her shoulder and moved it away from her body.

She had her eyes closed and mouth open. I helped her to remove it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy black bra.