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Spanked by daddy stories Want Sexual Encounters

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Spanked by daddy stories

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GOAL: To act out rape fantasy. entertaining tonight Bored and want some one to chill with for a low price.

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I noted she was dressed very well, her hair daddy styled as usual, and wearing a blue skirt suit that showed her figure to its best and complemented the predominantly red top. She is really sobbing now, her whole body is shaking and her ass cheeks are a very deep pink, almost red.

She returns my cock to her mouth, slowing pushing it inside until it looks and feels ddady she gags a little. In the corner of her bedroom stood an obscenity, an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. I quickly fetched a towel from the airing cupboard, and pushed my knickers down my legs and threw them onto the ever-growing pile of my clothes, and then lay back on the bed and spread my legs. As Graham started the stopwatch on his digital wrist watch I gave her bottom a few hard slaps, causing a sob almost immediately.

Slapping my hands away he rather roughly tugged them up and then gave the fabric a volley of slaps to reactivate the painful sting on my bum.

Daughter spanked by father – spanking life

Finally Graham called time. A moment later I am probing her opening with the head of my cock while looking down at her sexy nude body. Finally he let fly with two more spanks, and after a brief pause started to methodically spank the target.

She is really tight as I slowly work my way into her pussy. The girl and her Daddy lived happily ever after. I hate cooking, especially when all that is involved is basically bit of peeling. It was soon clear he expected me to answer his questions. I am adding 15 seconds to your time over my knee for your forgetting to be polite, and 15 seconds more for being downright rude. Four smacks later there were sniffs coming up from the chair.

Daddy's sexy stories — an unexpected spanking from daddy

I must have looked a sight, laying back, effectively naked and with my legs open wide while my father shaved my hairs off! Unfortunately I had forgotten my tribulations were not yet over. And before too long, even those disappeared, leaving my little rump just as pale and creamy as it had ever been. She had kicked her panties down around her ankles and she stepped out of them leaving them on the floor.

It only took a few and I found myself unable not spxnked wail and start to wriggle. She started to wriggle, legs parting slightly as a result.

A daddy and his girl

A couple pretended to ignore her, while another few made comment but left her bottom alone. After only a few minutes my bottom was getting hotter and hotter. That hurts!! And there was still one more spanking to go! Moments later I feel her hands on my head, holding it tightly against her crotch, especially when I start sucking on her clit and flicking my tongue over it.

Am I clear?

The cane whistled through the air and burned across her upraised bottom gy she cried out. Now, if you think humiliation will work, then I have an idea which will also appeal to the l I have on the floor and who will have to do the repair. Daddy stood on her left side and tapped her bottom with the cane, measuring his storke. I wondered how she would cope with her third spanking.

Daddy's sexy stories — an unexpected spanking from daddy

I folded it neatly and placed it over the dark leather of the bag. After awhile, I actually began to feel as if maybe God really had forgiven me for my bad thoughts. The prospect of the latter was awful, but I knew my financial position.

I tried to play the meek and mild card, but that did not stop him making me do the dinner since mummy was out. He must have had a good close view of my bare breasts literally inches from his face. Mommy, Daddy, God - all had abandoned me. He then gave me a tirade about my attitude and before I could reply told me bluntly to make my mind up on whether to pay with money or my backside, and that was the end of the matter.

I sprung to my feet and gave him a hug.

Daughter spanked by father

Taking my jacket off was the easy part. She is moaning and rolling her head from side to bh. She kept on until I admitted I wanted to be spanked then I went to my room, as I was so embarrassed. A few short minutes later she cums again with a wordless scream.

A spanking from daddy

He pulled down my panties. Yet whenever Daddy spanked us, suddenly that rule didn't apply.

I even heard the odd slap of a hand on a bare bottom. And that she felt really, really bad about it and she would never, ever in a million-billion years do it again she threw in that caddy part on the unlikely chance that Daddy would conclude that she did not need a spanking. And I want you soooo badly!

I returned in a rather less angry mood to the kitchen where the now peeled potatoes were in the pan, and the laid out pie in the oven, having just reached temperature. Sally-May Tompkins It was when I objected to being put over those grime-filled grey overalls they all wore that I realised with the most horrid shock what kind of model I was to become.