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The reason i fell in love with you

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Show less. Courtesy of Kelsey G. We saw the local community college in episodes like the school shooting episode where Lucas tackles Nathan as he attempts to run into the school looking for Haley. The house looks the same and actually has a ,ove hoop in the back driveway.

You can't go up close because the owners have a requesting people to please stay on the sidewalk. Courtesy of Kaila W 3. He can focus in on his work and completely forget about the world around him.

loge Every time. Nope, just checking out where Peyton caught Lucas first looking at her artwork after he had fixed her car with the help of Keith.

10 reasons i fell in love with you

Torn between the sweet, underdog Lucas and tough, popular boy Nathan, people became hooked through the family and relationship drama the characters went through. Although those two weddings didn't happen, Brooke and Julian did get married in this church. The window where her fake, stalker brother "Derek" fell out and disappeared. Many people write like Lucas or go to a court like Nathan when they need to work things out or find comfort in a difficult time.

14 reasons people fall in love with their partners again and again | huffpost life

Many fans found "One Tree Hill" to be their comfort, through the nine seasons we bonded with the fictional characters of Tree Hill. Brooke is a favorite of mine and, let me tell you, her house is even better in person. Courtesy of Simran K. He has the kindest eyes and makes such pure connections with people because of his nature.

I did fall in love with you for a reason. there is no one like you. | purelovequotes

Courtesy of Victoria O. Featured in the picture is the door that led to Lucas' room.

Brooke Davis' House - Tattersalls Dr. If of age, stop for a drink and reminisce on Lucas and Brooke playing pool there and using their fake I. As soon as we arrived, the blinds in Peyton's room were shut so we quickly took our pictures and moved on right across the street! Seeing the details of the house and the yard from street view of course just proved this was the perfect house for Dan Scott.

Keith's Auto Shop - 19 Covil Ave. Keith and Lucas' Crash Intersection - 3rd St.

We fit perfectly together, in a pretzel tangle the way the handle curves and melts so smoothly into the coffee mug. Kevin Rebelo of Gay Hawaii Wedding 7. If looking for the little moments and places, Nathan and Haley's apartment is a great place to drive by and check out. He lightens the mood with his playfulness. He brightens every day with his devilishly handsome smile, jovial nature and benevolent heart.

10 reasons i fell in love with you | thought catalog

You believed in me. The door has been brown, red for Brooke, and black after Lucas and Brooke broke up. He knows just how to turn a bad day around. Cancel 0 1. A comforting back scratch on the long subway ride home. Courtesy of Katie L.

10 reasons i fell in love with you

While looking for places to eat in Wilmington this is a must! You were the only one who knew how to love me. River Court - U. On the way to the airport, Keith and Lucas were in a car accident which left Reaeon critical. Chris Tweddle 8. The bridge is truly a piece of artwork.

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Courtesy of Megan D. CJ Ward Photography 2. This window is the window Nathan was throw out of after ing with the Seattle Sonics. Walking where iwth great scenes from the high school seasons happened is amazing.

14 reasons people fall in love with their partners again and again

I had butterflies in my stomach right before I saw you. Sadly, Lucas and Tne rooftop scenes were filmed on a different roof. Haley's house isn't shown too many times but we can't forget the famous "Naley" kissing scenes that take place right in front. It is another time you will want to have a Sharpie on you.