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Things you roll

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Wordnik: things that roll, things one rolls, or things one finds in a roll

A skateboard set on a slight decline will eventually stop itself because of the resistance caused by the friction between the wheels and the surface. When a thingx goes around a curve there is greater rolling friction.

A dump truck will have greater rolling friction than a small car because the dump truck is a heavier load bearing down on the wheel and therefore causing greater rolling friction. Roller skates have greater rolling friction than Rollerblades because there is more surface-to-wheel contact on roller skates.

What are things you roll?

A duckpin bowling ball is likely to have less rolling friction than a full size bowling ball because of its size and weight which create less rolling friction. In the screen there will be a bunch of letters and your goal is to clear the screen and find the hidden words.

It not only offers a great way how to have a nice time but it also helps you develop new skills as a word game player. In each level you will be guided by a special clue which will help you guess the hidden words.

Get ready to explore all the clues and to crash all the letter blocks in order to improve jou skills, vocabulary and to keep yourself entertained with this fantastic word game. Heavy duty trucks get greater gas mileage when tread begins to wear on the tires because there is less rolling friction, allowing the truck to move more quickly with less resistance. As you can see, many everyday objects use rolling friction.

Things that roll [ word stacks ] - michael

Once you find a word you can slide with your finger to build it, if it is correct it disappears from the block of letters and goes at the top of the screen. A soccer ball kicked across a grassy field will slow more quickly than one kicked across a smooth, hard surface because the rolling friction is far greater on the field.

Bowling ball Everyday Examples thinhs Rolling Friction A car will eventually come to a stop if just allowed to roll as the friction between the road surface and the wheels causes friction that causes the vehicle to stop. Examples of Rolling Friction. Words can be found in every direction just look carefully!

There are examples everywhere in the world. Bike wheels that are thicker will lessen the potential speed of the bike because there is a greater wheel surface to create friction against the surface which will slow the bike.