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Wagga's Mardi Gras attracted an estimated 10, to 12, people to the city's main street Parade in March.

We are here: riverina lgbtiq stories

She provided the first transgender and intersex gaay counselling to individuals and their families in the ACT. Jennie Yates Jennie is an educator and psychologist.

Like I've been saying since the start, educating people is the best way to have acceptance. Peter founded the organization A Gender Agenda to the point of obtaining ongoing government funding. Her hoop earrings clash perfectly with her high-vis getup.

Her penchant for glitter, however, comes second to grit. In the decade following her de-transition, Holly's engrained transphobia manifested as hyper masculinity. She feared, however, that her risk would not pay off. Hear from local activists, leaders and allies. We Are Here vay the result of collaboration between the Museum of the Riverina and many generous people who shared their life experiences, loaned their personal objects and contributed research.

We are here: riverina lgbtiq stories - museum of the riverina

Holly faced further opposition when the motion for a pride parade became public knowledge in mid Wagga Wagga really embraced the idea of a Mardi Gras on main street. During this time, he deed, implemented and evaluated a of award winning pilot projects that ificantly increased the community engagement and mental health of transgender people. Shot over four years, it is a heartwarming - and at times, heartbreaking - exploration of coming out, coming of age and falling in love.

The cottage is more remote than Holly's place.

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Peter is an advocate and advisor on gender identity issues. After all, Wagga Wagga — historically the safest seat for the National Party — is part of the Christian capital of Australia. Suzi Taylor Suzi Taylor is a Melbourne-based filmmaker and screenwriter. Inthe Telethon Kids Institute found that If you would like to contribute to the collection, please contact the museum.

Miraculously, she survived. Two transgender pioneers are getting monuments in New York Marsha P.

The documentary, the filming of my surgeries and my stories — it all helps. Although now officially retired, this work wagha to be her passion.

Wagga lgbti mardi gras documentary to screen in sbs series untold australia: country town pride

She debated Wagga Wagga Councillor Paul Funnel, a man who believes the Safe Schools program le to the "sexualisation of our children. Her father Graham struggled with gaining a daughter because it meant grieving his son Ten years later, Holly's second coming out and subsequent surgeries were challenging for family members.

Fortunately, this means she's far away from her former neighbour: a cranky transphobe who threatened to physically harm Holly and her cat. But after five years, the relationship unravelled.

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There was no in-between. He has an academic background in gender studies and sociology and has worked directly with transgender communities and issues since He spent the best part of a decade helping to build a strong and vibrant transgender and gender diverse community in the ACT. The region is home to the country's highest concentration of Catholicswith Her father Graham struggled with gaining a daughter because it meant grieving his son.

Her comedy 'Balloonatics' was shortlisted for Tropfest and became a surprise online hit, clocking overwqgga. A crew from the SBS series Untold Australia filmed the lead up to the event and how it challenged the city's reputation as a conservative and largely Christian community.

Wagga wagga mardi gras festival - visit wagga

Wavga closeted gentry in the early days of Wagga, to our most famous Mardis Gras marcher, We Are Here tells the story of resilient people and changing times. Guest Speakers Peter Hyndal. She worked at A Gender Agenda AGA providing education and training both locally and nationally to schools, medical practitioners, community organisations and government departments.

Holly points to her crooked nose, broken in an AFL match weeks ago. Often working via telephone or Skype with those living in remote areas or interstate in cities with inadequate services.

Her colleagues were supportive. She became involved with mixed martial arts, covered herself in tattoos and even got married.

Wagga wagga mardi gras festival

In her 20s, she sped down a dirt road and crashed her car into a paddock. Two years ago, aged 38, she came out as transgender for the second time.

Over the course of the film Holly travels to Thailand, undergoes gender reasment surgery and sets out to create the life she's always dreamed of in Wagga. In Wagga Wagga, the Mardi Gras was not just a glamorous street party; for many, it was life-changing. Peter has also been involved in key law reform work at a local and national level, and now works for Transformative, providing a wide range waga policy advice and training on issues of transgender inclusion.

Approximately 30 per cent of the town's 54, residents took to the streets for Wagga's largest party of all time. Holly is a transgender truckie.