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Wifes first mfm

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We were friends years just cuddling on your couch,a fourth yr you far away in Iowa and a fifth year of no more than kissing before I finally gave in. M4w Hopefully you see this and were like damn I shouldda fucked that kid because hes so hot. Am tirst inexperienced (but not a virgin). Hot blonde wanting girls who want dick seeking for more girlies You be the same,please.

Age: 20
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A slight moan escaped from her breath, and we all knew it was definitely going to happen. Seeing Carl there, and Kim's sexy body and the feeling of her sucking me and I was ready to cum. The ad stated that Kim and Carl were both married, in their early 30's and looking to experiment with a MFM for the first time. One night I asked her if she would ever have sex with someone she felt attracted to if she knew for a fact that it would not affect us and would not get me upset. I let out a few moans to let her know - not sure if she was the swallow type or not, so I wanted to warn her without saying anything - I was about to wfies.

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I knew she had a great time and Rick was quite pleased with her. After that, I got on top of her and kissed her deep, sharing both her cum AND Mike's, as I slid my hard cock inside her warm, very wet pussy.

My tongue made it to her clit as I licked the length of her pussy. It firsr apparent that he was enjoying this as much as I.

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He said that they'd have some wine and that eventually he would start the role-playing with her blindfolded and tied to the bed. I kissed my way back down her body and slowly pulled her panties off to reveal her gorgeous pussy. Her finger nails were digging into his back with every thrust and her eyes scrunched shut as I knew it must be hurting her. I looked down at Carl's sexy wife panting with my cum dripping off of her tummy and down her swollen pussy lips, kissed her briefly and then left.

He also said that although Kim was highly sexual that it can take her forever sometimes to have an orgasm and that she liked it rough. No pressure to do anything, it was her call. Apparently he had whispered to her that he was going to fuck her like this every time and that she was going to beg for it. I looked over to see Carl with his cock in his hand and he simply gave mfj the thumbs up.

After a few minutes I asked to take over and he stood up and let me take control from the back. We had recently been engaged to get married and everything was great between us.

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I couldn't hold back any longer myself. After talking with Carl, he confessed that he was really nervous but after we talked for a couple hours, he was more comfortable as was I. But she tasted so good that I couldn't pull myself from her fitst. She started to ask me what was going on but he kissed her again and started to caress her breasts firmly.

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He wasn't comfortable with having me, a stranger, fuck his wife without protection. She had never had that big of a cock before.

I would find their room and basically start feeling her up and hopefully, if all went well, fuck her and then leave. She was massaging her breasts, and would lean down to let Mike suck her tits, teasing him with them.

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I then leaned down and started gently kissing her inner thigh and legs. I didn't want it to end though and was really hoping Carl wouldn't put an end to it just yet.

I checked my that evening and found a few messages from Carl - one with an firsr. I have to admit that I wasn't comfortable that Kim would buy the whole thing, but now I was pretty sure that she was OK with it, and I'm also pretty sure that she knew it wasn't Carl touching her.

She came over and sat fist the bed between the two of us. I agreed and we met out the following evening after work. What Carl had in mind was more of a surprise for Kim.

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Needless to say I got extremely turned on seeing them and imagining what was planned. He started push in when I noticed her legs clenched around his head and she let out a small scream.

Moaning, she sais yes, so I wkfes her that she can still enjoy him a little more, and I put my two fingers inside her as far as I could, then took my fingers out, making sure that they were covered with Mike's cum. At this time, Mike was fully hard, and wanted to go down on Missy, so he and I switched places. Enjoy this, babe". I licked her a short while and then again kissed around her pussy, wanting to prolong the moment and continue to teas her.